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Kids Barbeque Competition at BabyLand General(R) Hospital

Combines Art of Cooking and Chemistry

| Source: Cabbage Patch Kids (Original Appalachian Artworks)

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Cabbage Patch Kids Grill logo

CLEVELAND, Ga., Sept. 20, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cabbage Patch Kids® love to combine fun and education. They are excited that they can sponsor the Hillbilly Hog BBQ Throwdown-Kids Q on the grounds of BabyLand General Hospital, Cleveland, Ga., on Saturday, October 27th in conjunction with the fully sanctioned Kansas City Barbeque Society two-day competition.

"Creating a barbeque recipe is like a chemistry experiment," said event coordinator Heather Sinyard, who also is a trained culinary chef. Passionate about barbeque, since she got her first taste of this type of competition as a fund raiser for the small town of Cleveland, Georgia, Sinyard went on to explain every ingredient that is used from spices to liquids, the weather, the meats, the fire, must all interact to develop the ultimate, Award Winning Barbeque.

The professional competition, now part of the competitive Georgia State Championship, is serious business. Pro Teams from across the Southeast cook thousands of pounds of meat to perfection, hoping to create a consistent level of quality. Having a balance of certified master judges, having judged over 30 contests, mixed with less experienced judges is key for good results. They understand the pressure of time to produce a delicious, mouthwatering barbeque that must stimulate so many senses from sight presentation, aroma, taste and texture. This event is one of the last to earn qualifying points for the Georgia State Championship and National Kansas City Barbeque Society Competition.

The Backyard Barbeque Contest is for the less serious contenders, who simply enjoy the camaraderie, the competition and lifestyle of the weekend barbeques. A special event area for spectators on the grounds will include vendors, music and activities with a $5 admission with proceeds going to United Way.

For updated event details and entry forms visit • Cabbage Patch Kids Fan Page• @cpkusa

Total Event Prize Purse: $10,100  
Kansas City Barbeque Society – Professional Competition---- $200 Entry Fee
     Prize    Total Prize Money
Grand Champion        $1,500.00
Reserve Grand Champion        $1,000.00
First Place   Ribs/Brisket/Pork/Chicken    $500 each   $2,000.00
Second Place   Ribs/Brisket/Pork/Chicken    $400 each   $1,600.00
Third Place   Ribs/Brisket/Pork/Chicken    $300 each   $1,200.00
Fourth Place   Ribs/Brisket/Pork/Chicken    $200 each   $800.00
Fifth Place   Ribs/Brisket/Pork/Chicken    $100 each   $400.00
Sixth through Tenth   Ribs/Brisket/Pork/Chicken    Trophies   Trophies Only
Total Kansas City Barbeque Society Pro-Competition Prizes    $8,500.00
Ancillary Sauce Contest -- $25 Entry Fee  
         Total Prize Money
First Place        $75.00
Second Place       $50.00
Third Place        $25.00
Total Ancillary Sauce Prizes:    $150.00
Backyard BBQ Contest -- $50 per category Entry Fee
         Total Prize Money
Grand Prize   Chicken/Ribs      $500.00
First Place   Chicken/Ribs    $200 Each & Trophy   $400.00
Second Place   Chicken/Ribs    $100 Each & Trophy   $200.00
Third Place   Chicken/Ribs    $50 Each & Trophy   $100.00
Fourth through Tenth   Chicken/Ribs    Trophy for Each    Trophies Only
Backyard BBQ Contest:   $150.00  
Kids Q - Entry Fee is FREE (Limited Space)  
         Total Prize Money
Ages 6-10         
First Place   Chicken Provided    $50   $50.00
Second Place   Chicken Provided    $25   $25.00
Ages 11-15         
First Place   Chicken Provided    $50   $50.00
Second Place   Chicken Provided    $25   $25.00
Backyard BBQ Contest:    $150.00

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Contact: Margaret McLean
Director of Corporate Communications/Marketing
BabyLand General Hospital/Cabbage Patch Kids
706-865-2171, Ext. 241

Contact: Heather Sinyard
Event Coordinator
Hillbilly Hog BBQ Throwdown & Fall Leaf Festival