ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Oct 5, 2012) -  Black activist Virgil Brannon's new book, "Democratic Coma," (, details the revelations that led him from being an active supporter of the democratic cause -- lobbying for Obama's first election bid and marching with the Rev. Al Sharpton -- to a staunch opponent of liberal programs that he says keep millions of Americans in the deep sleep of poverty.

"Democratic Coma" is about a poisoned lifestyle, a condition that stems from not being aware and informed, says Brannon, founder of I Am Vision Inc., a non-profit that mentors socio-economically disadvantaged youth.

"I spell out the many problems that Americans face and offer solutions for curing ourselves from this coma nightmare," Brannon says. "My book offers solutions to keep this from spreading to our youth. They need to know that there's nothing holding them back and that there are plenty of opportunities for them in America to succeed. They need to understand self-respect and respect for others, be motivated to succeed and to work. My book spells out how to instill these values."

Part of the problem, according to his book, is that Democratic voices for the black community promote racism because it boosts the party's popularity and power. Citizens are critically hampered by a liberal media bias that silences faith, with a president who's busy promoting the values of his communist heroes, including Karl Marx and Frank Marshal Davis.

"I want to open the eyes of the American public, and to also encourage them to be more proactive in affirming their own gifts and purpose," Brannon says.

Alveda C. King, a niece of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and founder of King for America, calls "Democratic Coma" enlightening.

"Truth sometimes makes us uncomfortable," she writes. "Truth can always set us free. 'Democratic Coma' is an eye-opening collection of one man's walk into deeper understanding. (It is) well-written, well-thought out and well-delivered."

About Virgil Brannon

Virgil Brannon is a private investigator and the founder of I Am Vision Inc., a non-profit program that embraces and empowers youth with academic and leadership challenges. His goal is to promote the personal growth of socio-economically disadvantaged youth and their families by encouraging their dreams and providing members with a roadmap for success. Brannon attended Shepherd's Care Bible College and received his master's and doctoral degrees in ministry religious counseling.

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