WOODSTOCK, GA--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2012) - PeopleClues, an industry leader in workplace assessments, today announced the release of its new white paper, "C'mon Get Happy: Create a People-Pleasing Candidate Experience and Showcase a Positive Progressive Employment Brand." Highlighting the benefits of providing jobseekers with a rewarding candidate experience, the white paper offers practical advice on how employers can provide a more meaningful candidate experience while elevating their own employment brands.

Most companies realize that the candidate experience matters to applicants, yet few companies are able to deliver a positive experience. As the white paper explains, organizations with disjointed recruiting processes or poor or infrequent communications give the impression that the employment experience would be the same. Additionally, when applicants end up in the candidate black hole -- where they have no idea what their status is -- they are likely to voice their frustrations on social media and hamper the company's ability to attract new talent.

The white paper explains steps companies can take to improve the candidate experience and go the extra mile for their applicants. For instance, they can show their appreciation to candidates who complete the application and assessment processes by offering specific career insight that helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and better communicate their personal value. By working with a vendor who can provide this type of report, organizations can deliver a better candidate experience and give all applicants -- even those who aren't selected for a position -- something of value.

In addition, the white paper provides several other best practices that companies can utilize to ensure a positive candidate experience. For instance, companies can set expectations about the application process by letting candidates know how long it will take them to apply. They can also put pre-screening questions at the forefront, so candidates can determine if they are qualified before they start the application. When companies use these strategies to provide a positive experience to all candidates, it is easier to stay in touch, consider them for future positions and encourage them to refer others in their networks who may be a good fit.

"As recruiting processes become more automated and less personal, the companies that offer candidates a people-centric application process will have a significant competitive advantage in attracting top talent," said PeopleClues president Julie Moreland. "By giving something back to all candidates, such as objective science-based reports that help them better market themselves, organization can provide an enhanced candidate experience that elevates their employment brand."

"C'mon Get Happy: Create a People-Pleasing Candidate Experience and Showcase a Positive Progressive Employment Brand" is available for complimentary download at: www.peopleclues.com/white-papers/pdfs/PeopleClues-CandidateExperienceWhitePaper.pdf.

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