Nijmegen, THE NETHERLANDS, Oct. 15 – The first of three newly acquired Elekta
Synergy® treatment systems equipped with Agility™* 160-leaf multi-leaf
collimator ( (MLC) is now up and running
clinically at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center – making the clinic the
first in the Netherlands to use Agility. The first patient, a 48-year-old woman,
was treated on September 10 and clinicians have treated 70 additional patients
since then, encompassing a wide range of cancers.

“Our first experiences with Agility have gone perfectly – the high leaf speed of
Agility has made beam delivery speed much faster, especially with IMRT
[Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy] plans,” says René Monshouwer, Ph.D.,
Clinical Physicist at Radboud. “And, comparing the system with Agility to one
without Agility, the leaf transmission is lower.”

Dr. Monshouwer adds that the high resolution leaves of Agility and low
transmission will help Radboud begin using Agility in stereotactic treatments in
the next few months.

“These are more complex treatments involving small structures in close proximity
to organs-at-risk, so we expect Agility to benefit those treatments,” he says.
“Then, once we switch from IMRT to Volumetric Modulated Arc
Therapy ( [VMAT] for those cases, we will see a big
advance in the quality and speed of treatment.”

Elekta reinvented beam shaping, creating a solution that boasts leaf speeds that
are twice as fast as conventional devices. The 160 5 mm leaves can interdigitate
to enable treatment of island targets and multiple targets in a single session,
and optical leaf positioning technology improves accuracy and increases the
reliability and seamlessness of beam shaping. The exceptionally low leaf
transmission of less than 0.5 percent enhances treatment delivery while reducing
integral dose. The integrated whole results in a sophisticated multi-functional
beam-shaping solution.

Two of the three Elekta Synergy systems ( that
Radboud recently acquired will come equipped with Agility as well, a second
system for the Nijmegen satellite facility and one for a satellite clinic in
Boxmeer, the former becoming clinically operational in November 2012. The
Synergy systems with Agility join four other existing Elekta linear accelerators
at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center. At least one of the systems in
Radboud also will be upgraded to Agility.

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*Agility is not available for sale or distribution in all markets. Please
contact the local Elekta representative for details.

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