Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, Jan. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Red Touch Media , the Salt Lake City, Utah-based technology company behind the fastest-growing digital media content management platform in the entertainment industry, today announced its new brand and solution offerings for content owners, advertisers, retailers and consumers at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

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The newly-branded digital media content management company provides a range of technologies and solutions to help content owners, advertisers and retailers connect and engage with consumers around their digital media content consumption activities. Through the recent acquisition of Mediaport, Red Touch Media is best known for its ability to protect and distribute licensed movies, TV shows, music, games and books across its network of retail interactive download stations around the world. Through the Red Touch Digital Media Platform, the company is now offering distribution through the web and mobile devices.

"The Red Touch Media brand launch signals the next chapter in our evolution as a company," said Wayne Scholes, Executive Chairman and CEO for Red Touch Media. "We have a longstanding track record in the industry for helping content owners protect and distribute their content internationally. With our latest distribution options and sophisticated audience targeting technologies, we're looking to expand upon this reputation and help brands and content owners connect and strengthen consumer relationships around content in new and exciting ways. We look forward to sharing our vision and product capabilities with all the attendees at CES."

For content owners, Red Touch provides a powerful content management platform that enables all digital content owners - such as movie studios, record labels, game producers, and book distributors - to secure their content across all forms of digital distribution. The platform supports all aspects of business management, from production and distribution, through consumer analytics and billing. The Red Touch platform is the most secure platform in the industry, offering digital rights management (DRM) technology with more than 10 years of proven in-market testing.

With its newly-enhanced platform, the company now offers an impressive range of content recommendation features, which enables the company to optimize recommendations for consumers, while providing powerful targeting options for advertisers, retailers and content owners alike. Content owners will use the targeting capabilities of Red Touch's offering to test content in a controlled environment, as well as drive market demand for new releases. Advertisers - including content owners - will align their campaign messaging to consumer content interests, or leverage the platforms targeting capabilities with include demographic, geographic, behavioral and facial recognition targeting. For retailers, Red Touch provides the ability to link loyalty programs to the content experience, enabling loyalty point redemption or point-of-purchase incentives for free content downloads. By providing access to customers' content libraries across all devices, Red Touch is able to establish and retain a personal connection with them on or offline.

"Red Touch intends to provide a powerful set of tools that let them do business on their terms, with proven security, reduced costs and improved targeting that enable them to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. We see our platform as a means to redefine the consumer experience around content, while expanding the market for content owners, providing new consumer targeting options for all involved, while significantly enhancing consumer access to the content they're looking for - wherever they choose to access and consume content."

Red Touch Media is a new brand in the entertainment industry, but the company has been around in various forms for more than a decade. Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, EMI and HDNet are early adopters using Red Touch Media today. The company has established itself as a pioneer in digital content management, starting with being the first to deliver movies to a mobile device, continuing with being the first to deploy a network of fully-integrated digital download interactive download stations, and most-recently, the first to manage more than 2 Billion digital assets per month. With the launch of its new mobile offerings, the company hopes to establish itself as a preferred source of digital content for consumers.

Red Touch Media is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with additional offices in Johannesburg, New York, Los Angeles and London. The company plans to expand its global reach to additional locations in Europe and Asia in 2013. The company currently serves an audience of more than 3 million consumers worldwide. Red Touch provides a network of retail interactive download stations in more than a dozen countries internationally, and through its new web portal and mobile offerings, plans to reach consumers in most markets in 2013.

About Red Touch Media

Red Touch Media (RTM) connects content owners, advertisers, retailers and consumers to premium digital content via the world's most innovative distribution platform. RTM provides content owners with a reliable, secure solution to manage and deliver all digital media assets to their audiences and clients. Advertisers and retailers can target consumers through user content preference and downloads. For more information on Red Touch Media, please visit at CES in booth #14038 or at

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