Incap has agreed upon arrangement of the convertible loan's final redemption - major shareholders have granted a capital loan to the company

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Incap Corporation
Stock Exchange Release 17 January 2013 at 12.45 p.m.


Incap Corporation has concluded its negotiations concerning the redemption of
the convertible loan issued in the year 2007. The company had in spring 2012
agreed upon the arrangement of the convertible loan and negotiated now on the
part of the loan, which was maturing in November and December 2012 and amounted
to a total of EUR 2.4 million.

As a result of the negotiations Incap has agreed with the holders of the
convertible loan upon redemption arrangements and partly renegotiated the
conditions of the contracts made last spring.

Incap redeems out of the remaining loan units a total of EUR 1.0 million in cash
payment in January 2013. Furthermore, a part of the loan with respective
interest, i.e. a total of EUR 0.4 million, will be converted to Incap's shares
by means of a directed share issue to one holder of the convertible loan in the
near future. The final redemption of the 2007 convertible loan, EUR 1.0 million
including interest, will be settled by the end of June 2013.

In connection with the negotiations concerning the redemption of the convertible
loan three of Incap Corporations major shareholders have granted the company a
capital loan of EUR 1.05 million. The loan period is three years and an interest
of 10% is calculated on it annually. The loan conditions include the right to
set off eventual subscription price of shares in a share issue arranged by the
company. Kalevi Laurila, who is closely related to the company, is one of the
shareholders who granted the capital loan.

The negotiated arrangement of the convertible loan and the capital loan granted
by the major shareholders will improve the financial position of Incap, because
the redemption of the convertible loan has been a prerequisite for the
withdrawal of a bank loan which has already been granted to the company.
Respective negotiations with the bank continue.

Sami Mykkänen, President and CEO of Incap Group: "I am very pleased that the
long and diverse negotiations now have come to a successful end. The result of
the negotiations proved in my opinion the fact that major shareholders and
financiers are committed with our company on a long term. Thanks to the
arrangement our liquidity is improving clearly. We can now focus all our efforts
on enhancing our core business and improving our profitability for the best of
our customers and other stakeholders."


Sami Mykkänen
President and CEO

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Incap Corporation is an internationally operating contract manufacturer whose
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