Meridian Medical Weight Loss Center Works With Patients Towards Weight Loss Resolutions

| Source: Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic

MERIDIAN, Idaho, Feb. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthy Habits Wellness Center in Meridian, ID is working to help patients successfully achieve their New Year's weight loss resolutions. The Boise medical weight loss center offers the HCG diet for rapid weight loss. According to medical provider Mari Aitken, MSN, NP-c, this diet is a safe and effective way to jump-start long-term weight loss. Daily injections of the naturally occurring hormone HCG supports fat burning while protecting lean muscle mass. Together with nutritional counseling and dietary change, Aitken says that HCG supplements help patients achieve their weight loss goals faster.

Boise weight loss patients may benefit achieve their weight loss goals faster with assistance from a medical weight loss center. According to Health Habits Wellness Center, nutrition counseling and medical weight loss services can help patients achieve their New Year's resolution goals faster than trying to lose weight alone. The wellness center also offers the HCG diet, which may help jump-start losing weight.

"The HCG diet helps patients lose weight fast and keep the weight off," says Mari Aitken, MSN, NP-c. "This diet is based on proven research. A daily dose of the HCG hormone helps to burn off fat while protecting lean muscle mass. These injections increase alertness during the day and support the body's natural sleep cycle at night. Patients feel full and energized, rather than hungry and exhausted."

For years, the HCG hormone has been safely used during fertility treatments to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. New research shows that the hormone, in conjunction with a low calorie diet and exercise, supports rapid weight loss.

"Thanks to daily HCG injections, our patients have lost up to 45 pounds in 45 days," says Aitken. "Most importantly, patients have been able to sustain this weight loss success. Unlike fad diets that starve the body, HCG is part of a whole body nutritional program."

In addition to the medical weight loss injections, Health Habits Wellness Center provides one-on-one counseling to help patients transition to healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. According to Aitken, this integrated approach helps patient lose weight quick while staying healthy.

"Millions of Americans are overweight or obese, and each January, they resolve to finally take off the pounds," says Aitken. "Unfortunately, without medical assistance and nutritional counseling, the majority of these individuals are setting themselves up for failure. Long-term weight loss success is best achieved with the help of a medical weight loss plan."

In addition to nutritional counseling, the medical center provides bio-identical hormone therapy and food allergy testing. For some patients, Aitken says that a hormonal imbalance or thyroid disorder may be triggering weight gain. Addressing these health concerns is essential to helping patient successfully lose weight. Aitken says that not every medical weight loss center offers these services.

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