BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2013) - Skycore LLC, developers of codeREADr, the commercial barcode scanning app, has today announced the capability to scan, track and validate all three (3) barcode types supported by Apple's Passbook app. 

The codeREADr app could previously scan Passes if the ticket, coupon or member ID was embedded in a QR code. However, since Passbook recommends using a smaller, 'stacked 1D' symbology called PDF-417 and also enabled using Aztec 2D codes, codeREADr enhanced its technology to scan these codes as well.

"Although Pass providers can use QR codes -- a technology we've commercially deployed since 2009 -- some marketers and ticketing companies prefer to use PDF-417 codes, while certain rail and air transportation providers prefer to use Aztec codes. Since codeREADr is a provider-agnostic platform, we needed the flexibility to scan any type of barcode presented at the point of use -- even printed ones," said Rich Eicher, Skycore's CEO.

"With our technology, merchants can now scan whatever barcode they choose for their own Passes and also scan any other Pass barcode. This is particularly important for merchants needing to scan coupons or vouchers from different Pass providers or to scan tickets holding stored value. They will need the ability to scan every barcode type presented by consumers," said Eicher.

More info on blog post: One App, Any Pass.

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About codeREADr
The codeREADr service offers an innovative SaaS platform ( for cloud-based automatic ID and data capture solutions (AIDC). It enables mobile apps to read, track & authenticate data-embedded barcodes and NFC objects. Defining workflows, permissions and data management is enabled through Web services and APIs. No CAPEX or training is required. Data embedded objects may include tickets, coupons, inventory and virtually any asset as well membership, corporate, student, patient and other IDs, whether presented in print or mobile form.

Contact Information:

Richard Eicher Sr.
Director, Business Development
Skycore LLC
Phone: (617) 279-0040 x1