Today the international consultancy Columbus launches Data Collection Studio 2013: A new software solution tailored to manufacturers, retailers and distributors. The solution is part of Columbus Supply Chain Solutions, which helps companies support and simplify warehousing and logistics.

Connect mobile devices directly to business systems
Data Collection Studio 2013 integrates fully with a company’s business system and gives remote access to many standard business system capabilities, such as inbound and outbound logistics and warehouse management.

Data Collection Studio 2013 enables warehouse and manufacturing workers to register transactions such as receiving goods on handheld (PDA’s) or mobile devices, and as soon as the information is registered, it becomes available company-wide. This way, Data Collection Studio 2013 ensures fast, cost effective data collection from remote locations, which boosts efficiency in supply chain execution.

Exceptional user experience and text-to-speech technology
“We have built Data Collection Studio 2013 to help companies take people and processes to the next level of effectiveness—without any technology acceptance challenges. For that reason, the solution is very user friendly. We have designed the solution to deliver an excellent, productive user experience. It offers a Windows 8 style interface and text-to-speech technology to be highly convenient and practical for workers,” says Global Industry Director Guido van Osch.

Data Collection Studio 2013 runs on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and can be tailored a company’s specific needs and challenges.

For additional information, please contact:
Abigail Josephsen
Communication Manager, Columbus
+45 29 69 06 77

About Columbus
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