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New Website Gives Subscribers Greater Access To Pharmaceutical Intelligence

BioMedTracker, the leading provider of competitive intelligence and investment analytics in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, announces major upgrades have been made to their service.

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starting today, BioMedTracker subscribers have even greater insight regarding the relative strength of companies' clinical drug pipelines.

The BioMedTracker website has been completely redesigned to include a new user interface with charts and graphs that make it easier to spot trends in data. New features have been added that include access to patent details, generic competition information, robust trial design information, and a new advanced drug search.

BioMedTracker's updated Trial Designs feature shows all of the details of a trial design including inclusion and exclusion criteria of trial participants, critical trial dates, investigator information, MeSH keywords and links to published studies regarding that trial. In addition to trial data, subscribers can view all of the catalysts and clinical data events associated with the trial. 

Patent and Generic Insight have been added to BioMedTracker's drug profile pages that inform users when a drug they are reviewing will lose market exclusivity and which generic competitors will potentially stand to benefit when that market exclusivity is lost. In addition to displaying approved generics for each drug, BioMedTracker shows possible future generic competition information regarding applicable ANDA filings and any patent challenges which have the potential to gain earlier market entry and 6-month market exclusivity.

All of BioMedTracker's powerful biomedical investment information is easily searchable and displayed in an intuitive and readable format so that subscribers can leverage the information and analysis for their particular needs.

"We've completely redesigned the BioMedTracker website to not only give users access to additional data points that will help them better predict the approvability and future market potential of the drugs that they follow, but we've also improved the way information is displayed in order to make it easier to understand," said Robert Kyle, CEO of Sagient Research.

BioMedTracker has long been an invaluable tool for pharmaceutical and biotech industry professionals who are involved in strategic planning and/or allocating R&D resources, investment professionals who invest in the biotech industry, and generalists looking for trading ideas.

To learn more about BioMedTracker's new features, you can find their website at If you would like to schedule an online demonstration, please call (858)200-2390 or contact BioMedTracker by email at

About BioMedTracker

BioMedTracker, a product of Sagient Research Systems, is a subscription-based pharmaceutical intelligence database that assesses the relative strength of companies' clinical drug pipelines and offers proprietary clinical assessments and patient-based revenue forecasts of developmental drugs. Pharmaceutical, biotech, and investment clients rely on BioMedTracker for its insight on the likelihood of approval, commercial potential, and future data and regulatory catalysts for drugs within the competitive landscape of every important disease and indication.

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Sagient Research Systems is a publisher of specialized research and data. They develop, produce, and sell proprietary research products to global enterprises, including investment banks, mutual and hedge funds, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. In each of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 Sagient Research Systems was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America. For more information, visit the Sagient Research Systems website at

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