NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 27, 2013) - Domain Mediaries, a new domain name brokerage specializing in high-end domain acquisitions and sales for select clients, today announced the sale of the valuable domain and brand. The opening bid price for the domain and associated U.S. trademark rights is $3 million USD.

This is the company's second in a series of announcements for the sale of domains with seven-figure valuations. The company recently announced the sale of, another valuable domain. 

Domain Mediaries is an exclusive service dedicated to the sale of high-caliber website domain names. The company also offers full-service branding and can assist in all facets of strategic development, marketing and monetization of brands. Domain Mediaries' portfolio of dozens of well-established and high-traffic domains features prominent branding opportunities, including, a domain that evokes a storied past and presents significant monetization opportunities, especially for multi-national companies or companies in high growth markets such as China that are seeking to forge an American brand presence.

American Brands represents a legendary American success story with origins dating back to the late 19th century. The company was a highly successful conglomerate throughout the 20th century until it ceased using the American Brands name in the 1990s. The sale of this turn-key brand provides interested buyers with a unique opportunity to acquire valuable virtual real estate in the consumer products or retail industries. The domain name offers any company with an interest in the consumer products or retail spaces with the strongest possible branding and positioning opportunity, positive recognition and immediate market penetration. 

"With the sale of, and other high-profile, exclusive brands, we are able to provide buyers with the rare chance to obtain established domains that can bring endless opportunities for monetization," said Edmund J. Ferdinand, III, president of Domain Mediaries. "The acquisition of this powerful brand can give a corporate entity or brand owner, domestic or foreign, an immediate connection to all things American through a recognizable, high-traffic domain."

Interested buyers or sellers should contact Domain Mediaries by email at, by phone at (561) 338-0152 or by fax at (203) 905-6750. All negotiations will be handled on a confidential basis. 

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