Availability of BioPorto’s The NGAL TestTM for Siemens ADVIA® systems

| Source: BioPorto A/S

BioPorto recently achieved the CE marked application note for Siemens ADVIA® 2400 Chemistry System.  Siemens Diagnostics has sent a follow-up communication to their international subsidiaries regarding the availability of The NGAL Test™ for Siemens ADVIA® 1800 and ADVIA® 2400 Chemistry Systems. The communication specifies that while BioPorto and Siemens Diagnostics continue to conduct business as independent entities, Siemens will refer customers expressing interest in The NGAL Test™ directly to BioPorto.

As is typical and usual, Siemens Diagnostics policy does not allow disclosure of ongoing discussions about business relationships. Siemens Diagnostics and BioPorto recognize that many clinicians request this assay and to both parties it is essential that guidelines, by which the assay remains available for Siemens’ customers, have been agreed upon.


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