NEW YORK, April 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just one month after Sociocast's Predictive API public launch, Sociocast has delivered over 700 million API transactions consisting of predictions and recommendations to dozens of customers across North America, Europe, and Asia. The API is expected to surpass 1 billion monthly transactions shortly and will continue to grow rapidly over the coming year.

"The API is quite simple to use and is helping us get in front of the predictive analytics revolution," says Aaron Bigman, CIGNA Healthcare's Marketing Product Director, an early adopter of the Predictive API.

The growth in API transactions is being driven not only by new customers, but also new features being leveraged by prior customers. In the first month of 2013, Sociocast added some incredible new features to the Predictions platform including:

  • Completely new and easy to use real-time clustering for everything from audience and customer segmentation to churn prediction.
  • A plethora of client libraries and API functionality, which allow clients to quickly plug-in predictions into their existing products and applications. Clients can get up and running in minutes versus months required with existing solutions.
  • In-market results which show upwards of 4 - 7x prediction accuracy and business impact.
  • Cost-effective, data volume-based pricing makes it flexible for both large and smaller data owners.

This massive growth in API transactions is a testament to Sociocast's team members' rich data and h modeling expertise and experience. To deliver each prediction, Sociocast integrates, normalizes and leverages thousands (if not millions) of data points gathered from our customers to create real-time predictions. The result is an enterprise-grade Prediction API that developers can leverage to make their website and mobile applications smarter.

"Our Prediction API is driving higher engagement and new revenue streams for our customers, all within a simple plug and play framework," says Albert Azout, Sociocast's CEO, "it also creates a testing ground for all sorts of predictive applications which will drive the next generation of smart consumer products and experiences."

For more information about the announcement please have a look at the story as it was announced in VentureBeat, here.

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