ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., April 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kara Vita ( has announced the development of Secret Code DNArescueSpray Lotion, a revolutionary new product that facilitates the skin's natural ability to resist and prevent cell death and damage caused by the sun.

"We began the development process for Secret Code in 2010 to create a product that would address the all-too-prevalent problem of premature aging caused by UV damage," says Deborah Duffey, president and chief product development officer. "This product delivers unprecedented care at the DNA level while providing a unique application experience. This is a huge advance in skin care for people of all ages and skin types."

The desire to create a product to shield DNA from UVB and UVA cellular absorption led Duffey to research being conducted on artemia (plankton) in hyper-mineral lakes in France. Artemia contains a chemical compound or nucleotide, tradenamed GP4G®, which stores energy, protects DNA and enables the artemia to survive the environmental stress when lake temperatures drop. Numerous clinical studies in France confirmed that the GP4G was capable of helping to protect the skin from UV aggression, thereby preserving the DNA integrity.  

The resulting Kara Vita Secret Code formula -- which includes an additional proprietary blend of antioxidants, adaptogenic extracts that balance the body, moisturizers and wrinkle-fighters -- helps inhibit cell death and slow cell mutation that results from UV light exposure. It then transports these constituents inside the skin in an all-natural patented delivery system tradenamed Lyphazome® Technology. Lyphazomes guarantee a slow release of the nutrients, so the skin cells can receive the best bioavailable uptake.  "Results after only two weeks include a reduction in inflammation, improved skin texture, tone and an allover healthier appearance," says Duffey.

Kara Vita uses a rare and cutting-edge phase inversion temperature technology (PIT emulsion technology) that produces a lotion with very small, droplet-size particles that cover a larger surface area. These mini-particles, combined with the expanded surface area, create the most effective moisturizing emulsion technology available today. The fine mist turns into a soothing full-coverage lotion that leaves a luminescent finish when sprayed onto the skin. It is cooling, hydrating and gentle enough for daily use by all ages and skin types.

About Kara Vita:

Kara Vita is a subsidiary of Dermazone Solutions, Inc. (, based in St. Petersburg, Fla., that has been creating and manufacturing topical cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals for more than a decade, and is known for optimizing natural and drug-active ingredients with their proprietary Lyphazome® Technology.

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