ROCKLIN, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2013) - ClearCaptions, a leading provider of innovative telephone captioning services for individuals with hearing loss, announces receiving Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) certification from Cisco, a worldwide leader in networking, for its Cisco solution. Earning IVT certification provides confidence for companies when installing and deploying ClearCaptions on their existing Cisco telephone systems.

"IVT certification provides assurance for organizations that ClearCaptions for Cisco has been thoroughly tested and verified to work with Cisco equipment, which can reduce integration costs, accelerate deployments and minimize the risk of failure," explains Cisco Senior Manager of Engineering John Combs.

ClearCaptions for Cisco is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified service that adheres to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules and regulations, and provides advanced telephone captioning for the growing number of employees with hearing loss at no cost to the employee or company.

"With one in four employees experiencing some form of hearing loss, it's becoming increasingly important for organizations to provide reasonable accommodations that address this issue in the workplace -- ClearCaptions for Cisco is an easy-to-use, cost-effective accommodation that provides functional equivalency for employees with hearing loss," explains ClearCaptions Senior Vice President Gordon L. Ellis. "What's more, our Cisco certification gives organizations the confidence and assurance that our solution will easily integrate and install on existing Cisco telephone systems, leveraging their existing equipment investment."

"Employee workplace accommodations are an essential part of Lockheed Martin telecommunication services -- if employees are provided the appropriate tools, resources and accommodations to succeed, we all benefit," says Lockheed Martin CTO John Roach. "With ClearCaptions for Cisco, we are able to provide secure, cost-effective captioning accommodations for the growing number of employees living with hearing loss."

ClearCaptions for Cisco Features and Benefits

  • Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) certification from Cisco provides confidence for companies using Cisco communications technologies to install and deploy ClearCaptions for Cisco on existing Cisco telephone systems.

  • Provides functional equivalency for employees with hearing loss by utilizing existing Cisco telephone equipment

  • Provides access to all Cisco phone system features including; company directory, voicemail and transfer call functions

  • Provides near real-time captioning, allowing employees to both hear and read telephone conversations

  • FCC-approved accommodation that is provided at no cost for employees with hearing loss or their employer

  • Installation and integration is quick, easy and secure

"I work for an organization that has personnel in dozens of buildings spread across an area the size of Las Vegas, so my phone is central to my job," says South Eastern Washington Service Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Board President Melissa Ruth. "Whether I'm part of a conference call or talking one-on-one with management, my hearing loss can put me at a disadvantage. I used to miss names, numbers and have to ask people to repeat themselves, but ClearCaptions for Cisco allows me to see what I'm hearing on my phone, making me much more confident in the workplace -- it's been a very important accommodation for me."

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