HOLLYWOOD, May 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StereoVision Entertainment Inc. (OTC:SVSN) announced today that it is current with its OTCMarkets filings and that it is conducting a nationwide search for a new CEO for its subsidiary REZN8, which it's currently taking public.

StereoVision's CEO Jack Honour stated, "We're beginning a new CEO search for REZN8. The last couple of REZN8 CEO Candidates, while being very talented in many ways, being CEO of a publicly traded company has a very specialized skill set. In today's regulatory environment it's difficult to find top talent that wants to take on the liability of being the CEO of a publicly traded company. StereoVision's Board of Director member Steven "Herky" Williams has been appointed Vice Chairman and Interim President of REZN8, and will remain Interim President of REZN8 until StereoVision's management completes REZN8's Form 10 filing with the SEC and REZN8 is fully reporting. During the interim the Company will conduct a nationwide search for a permanent CEO/President for REZN8."

"We're looking for candidates with MBA's, hedge fund relationships, a successful track record in film financing, and an aptitude for 3D technology," Honour continued. "REZN8's Interim President, former 16 year ASCAP exec and trusted StereoVision partner and Board member for over 12 years, Herky Williams, will continue to work with StereoVision management to as quickly as possible get REZN8 fully reporting with the SEC."

StereoVision Entertainment Inc. (http://stereovision.com) Headquartered in Los Angeles, Ca., StereoVision is a publicly traded Nevada corporation focused on the delivery of high-quality, low-cost 3D entertainment content. SVE's business is driven by the acquisition and production of cutting edge 3D media assets. Responding to the growing demand for 3D content, StereoVision is developing a wide variety of 3D Intellectual Properties and technologies for the many new 3D distribution platforms. http://Facebook.com/TeamS3D

REZN8 Inc. (http://rezn8.com) An SVE wholly owned subsidiary. Founded in 1987 the9 time Emmy Award winning Hollywood based REZN8 is well known throughout the Industry for developing the media vision for a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients across a wide range of platforms including broadcast, film, Internet, wireless, and video games. REZN8 is an acknowledged leader in 3D broadcast graphics and animation, and is a pioneer in the design and development of graphical user interfaces (GUI). REZN8 has developed identity packages for, NBC, ABC, CBS Sports, Entertainment Tonight, Fox, HBO, VH-1, Sci-Fi Channel, and Showtime. REZN8 has also been one of Microsoft's primary outside design sources for graphical user interface (GUI) including GUI design and development for Microsoft XBOX, Microsoft Home Media Center, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft's Home of the Future.

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