Coloplast ranked as the best medtech company by patient groups

Coloplast takes first place in a new global survey - in front of large international competitors such as Johnson & Johnson and Smith & Nephew - in which more than 400 patient groups around the world evaluated 30 medtech companies' ability to meet patient expectations.

| Source: Coloplast A/S

In a new global study carried out among 412 patient groups from 39 different countries Coloplast is ranked at the very top in front of large international competitors such as Johnson & Johnson and Smith & Nephew. It is the second year in a row that Coloplast is ranked as the best medtech company by patient groups.

In total, the patient groups have ranked 30 medtech companies on six indicators. Coloplast is ranked highest on each of the indicators.

Strong customer focus
”We are both glad and proud that so many customers from all over the world believe that Coloplast is the best medtech company. I believe it is an expression of the fact that we are truly making a difference for the people around the world that need our help”, says Senior Vice President for Global Marketing in Coloplast, Nicolas Nemery. He adds:

”Our products address critical needs but if you ask our customers they would prefer to live a life where they wouldn’t need them. That’s why we make it a priority for our products to be reliable and intuitive and make sure that our customers get the guidance they need. We are committed to understand our customers and have always worked closely together with them and involved them in the development of our products. I believe that is the reason that we for the second year in a row have been ranked as the best medtech company”.

PatientView, an independent research organization, conducted the survey in March 2013.

Coloplast’s results
A total of 38 patient groups have evaluated Coloplast in the survey. These particular groups represent a broad spectrum of chronic diseases, including cancer, urinary and gastrointestinal diseases.

The participating patient groups were asked to assess medtech companies' abilities on six indicators (Coloplast’s position in brackets):

  1. Whether the company has an effective patient-centered strategy        (1st )
  2. The quality of the information that the company provides to patients (1st )
  3. The company’s record on patient safety                                            (1st )
  4. The usefulness of the company’s products to patients                      (1st )
  5. Record of transparency with external healthcare stakeholders             (1st )
  6. Whether the company acts with integrity                                            (1st )

The study was conducted and funded by PatientView, an independent global research organization with close ties to patient and health groups worldwide, in March 2013. The study results express the views of more than 400 patient and health groups regarding 30 individual medtech companies and the medtech industry as a whole.

Participating patient groups were required to know enough about the pharmaceutical companies and industry to assess them meaningfully.

About Coloplast
Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. Working closely with the people who use our products, we create solutions that are sensitive to their special needs. We call this intimate healthcare.

Our business includes Ostomy Care, Urology Care, Continence Care and Wound and Skin Care. We operate globally and employ around 8,000 people.

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