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Orlando Plastic Surgeon Combines Multiple Techniques to Achieve a Fully Rejuvenated Look and Reduce Recovery Time

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani Frequently Combines Surgical Procedures in Custom-Designed Treatment Plans That Can Reduce Overall Recovery Time and Save Patients Money

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - May 9, 2013) - Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, a board-certified Orlando plastic surgeon, offers a complete range of aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures at his private practice. The Aesthetic Surgery Centre offers patients the option of combining several different procedures at once to achieve a more comprehensive body rejuvenation and produce dramatic yet natural-looking results.

When asked by his patients how many procedures are "too many," Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani says there is no cut and dry answer. The variables he takes into consideration when patients are considering multiple, simultaneous procedures include:

  • Overall health of the patient
  • Location of the procedures
  • Qualifications of the surgeon
  • Length of time the patient would need to be asleep

Two procedures that are often combined are tummy tucks and breast augmentation. Many mothers, after experiencing the bodily changes that accompany pregnancy, wish to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. A "mommy makeover" pairs a tummy tuck with a breast augmentation and occasionally adds liposuction to help women achieve their desired results.

When Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is discussing multiple procedures with prospective patients, he conducts a thorough examination of the patients' medical history. He uses this examination to determine if each individual patient can safely have multiple surgeries and be under anesthesia for the required time period.

Some patients are limited to having one procedure performed at a time due to financial reasons, and then they must choose which procedure they want to prioritize. However, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani highlights that there are major benefits that go along with having multiple procedures performed at the same time, including:

  • One recovery period
  • One anesthesia session
  • Financial savings through bundling procedures

From Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani's experience, his Orlando plastic surgery patients tend to want certain procedures grouped together. For example, facelift patients frequently ask for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) in order to receive a full-fledged facial rejuvenation. For the purpose of achieving a cohesive look, breast augmentation patients often seek to couple the procedure with liposuction or a tummy tuck. Regardless of which procedures a patient is thinking of combining, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is happy to design customized treatment plans for his patients wishing to simultaneously address multiple cosmetic concerns.

About Jon Paul Trevisani, MD, FACS

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL. He earned his medical degree at the University of Nebraska Medical School in Omaha. In addition to being the founder and Medical Director of the Aesthetic Surgery Centre, he has been the recipient of numerous medical awards including the Patients' Choice Award in 2010. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is available for interview upon request.

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