SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwired - May 13, 2013) - Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (OTCQB:MVTG)(BERLIN:5MV), announced today that developmental work on an alternative approach to its technology has resulted in significant breakthroughs. These breakthroughs will reportedly translate to a greatly improved performance for Mantra's proprietary technology, the "Electro-Reduction of Carbon Dioxide" (ERC).

Results from this work, which is based on a novel cathode structure and material composition, show improvements in catalytic surface area, energy consumption, and pressure requirements. The new cathodes exhibit a catalytic surface area to volume ratio of more than ten times that of previous designs, and have the potential to reach much higher values. This dramatic increase in surface area will correspond to either a reduction in capital cost due to increased current density or a reduction in operating costs and energy consumption due to decreased voltage requirements. The cathodes further show excellent performance at atmospheric pressures and a significant reduction in pressure drop through the reactor. These reductions in pressure requirements will similarly ease design and operation and reduce corresponding costs.

According to CTO Patrick Dodd, "This alternative cathode approach, which has been developed in parallel with our conventional approach, has proven incredibly effective. We are only in the early stages of exploring its ultimate potential."

Mantra's President, Larry Kristof, commented, "We welcome Mr. Dodd to Mantra's Board of Directors. He brings a good understanding of CCU technologies and will be an invaluable member of the team. We also want to wish the best to Tom Unger, who has departed Mantra's Board due to health issues."

Mantra has also announced that Mr. Dodd has joined the Board of Directors of Mantra Venture Group, where he will serve as a direct link between the laboratory and the board room.

Finally, Mantra is pleased to welcome UBC Co-op students Robert Mings and Koowarbir Singh to the new lab in Burnaby. Mechanical and Chemical Engineering students respectively, the two will be operating a new experimental setup to identify new products and thus broaden the capabilities of ERC.

"It's great to have these two on board," says Mr. Kristof. "Frankly, we need as many hands in the lab as possible to capitalize on all the opportunities presented by this technology."

About ERC

ERC, or the "Electro-Reduction of Carbon Dioxide", is a form of "carbon capture and utilization" (CCU) that converts the pollutant carbon dioxide into useful, valuable products including formic acid and formate salts. By utilizing clean electricity, the process offers the potential for an industrial plant to reduce emissions while generating a salable product and a profit.

About Mantra Energy Alternatives

Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mantra Venture Group Ltd., aims to become a world leader in the production of high-value, carbon-negative chemicals and fuels. Mantra is currently developing the ERC process, which will initially produce formic acid and formate salts from carbon dioxide, and will eventually be capable of generating a wide variety of products. The company seeks to simultaneously reduce anthropogenic carbon emissions, which total over 30 billion tones each year from fuel combustion alone, and generate value.

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