NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 16, 2013) - What makes people good entrepreneurs frequently makes them bad at running the financial side of the business.

A new video from New York accounting firm Marks Paneth & Shron LLP (MP&S) highlights the gap between developing and finding a market fit for a new product and developing the financial foundation to sustain and scale the business.

In the video, "Having a Great Idea Is Not Enough," senior consultant Jeanne Goulet explains the landmines entrepreneurs should avoid when they launch businesses. For instance…

  • Not filing taxes. Even if a business doesn't have income, it's still important to file a federal tax return for the company. If you don't file, the IRS or other tax authorities can come to the company ten years from now demanding back taxes, and you have no way to prove that you don't owe anything because a return was never filed.

  • Not collecting sales tax. If you don't collect sales taxes from your customers, you are still responsible for paying them. In fact, if the company doesn't have any net income, you, the founder of the business, will be responsible for paying taxes out of your own personal funds or assets.

  • Being double taxed. If you're an Internet-based business, you may be paying tax twice on the same income. Knowledge of inter-state and international tax agreements will help you save money.

  • Mislabeling employees. Many companies label employees as independent contractors to avoid setting up a payroll system. This means you aren't paying unemployment taxes, and with state governments carefully watching this, you could be charged fines and penalties.

The video also highlights "smart moves" that can help businesses save money, including…

  • Accelerate deductions and defer income. Being strategic about this may mean you can pay your taxes later.

  • Pay a lower tax rate. Arbitrage your tax rates by getting deductions at a 35% tax rate and then recognize the income at the capital gains tax rate (15%).

  • Build up tax credits when you have losses. These can be used to offset taxes when you're profitable.

  • Look at state tax refunds even if you aren't paying taxes at the state level.

Entrepreneurs who are aware of the financial and tax side of their businesses will not only save themselves time by not dealing with government bureaucracy but also free themselves up to develop their products and markets.

The video is available at

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