Acupuncture and Holistic Treatments Support Natural Weight Loss Says Edison Chiropractor

| Source: Backsmart Wellness Center

EDISON, N.J., June 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Backsmart Wellness Center in Edison, NJ is educating weight loss patients about the benefits of holistic treatments including acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and custom wellness programs. According to Edison chiropractor Dr. Michael Lagana, these holistic treatments help patients lose weight by resetting the metabolism and stopping the cycle of over-eating and poor nutrition. Dr. Lagana recommends a holistic approach for long-term weight management and whole body health.

Individuals who are struggling to lose weight may benefit from holistic treatments, says Edison chiropractor Dr. Michael Lagana. According to Dr. Lagana, a holistic approach resets the metabolism and re-programs individuals' attitudes toward food for long-term weight management success.

"Many of our patients are frustrated with their inability to lose weight," said Dr. Lagana. "Fad diets may be popular, but these diets ultimately starve the body and shut down the metabolism. Once individuals stop dieting, they return to unhealthy patterns of food consumption, causing weight gain. Consequently, individuals get stuck in a miserable cycle of yo-yo dieting."

Holistic treatments help patients break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting by resetting the metabolism and patient's attitudes towards food.

Acupuncture treatments, for example, help stimulate the body's digestive system and endocrine system. This suppresses appetite while increasing metabolism, restoring the body's natural eating patterns.

"Research shows that points along the human ear are associated with digestion and circulation," said Dr. Lagana. "Stimulating these points activates the spleen and endocrine system, regulating hunger and metabolism."

The chiropractic center also offers hypnotherapy sessions for visualizing long-term weight goals and correcting disordered eating habits.

"Goal visualization is essential to correcting the disordered thinking that underlies many weight management problems," said Dr. Lagana. "Following an initial consultation session, we work with patients to visualize their target weight and modify negative behaviors and emotions that are holding them back from achieving this weight."

Dr. Lagana says that many patients have success when they combine holistic treatments with customized nutrition and exercise programs. For example, the practice's physical therapist can work with patients to create personalized exercise programs tailored to an individual's physical abilities.

"For patients with chronic pain conditions, such as back pain, customized exercise programs are a safe way to help them become active again without aggravating their pain or risking further injury," said Dr. Lagana. "Exercise is essential to losing weight, but we want our patients to be active in a safe manner that does not unnecessarily stress their bodies."

Exercise plans combine cardio activities with exercises that increase core strength, build lean muscle and improve flexibility.

Customized nutrition programs are also available through the practice. These plans help patients correct negative eating habits by gradually incorporating whole foods into their diets.

In addition to holistic weight loss, Backsmart Wellness Center provides holistic wellness services, including smoking cessation, as well as natural pain management.

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