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LegalReach Creates Largest Online Legal Network

In First Month Since Rolling Out of Beta, LegalReach Already Has 1 Percent of All Attorneys, Growing at a Weekly Rate of 34 Percent

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2013) - LegalReach today formally unveiled what is already the world's largest dedicated online professional network of lawyers that connects attorneys, counsels, recruiters and clients at

LegalReach was created to empower attorneys to generate more business, unearth connections, discover career opportunities and earn more with less effort.

"The business needs of attorneys are unique from other professionals. Sites like LinkedIn barely scratch the surface of these needs," said LegalReach Founder and CEO Avlok Kohli. "And it's clear we've created value as we've been growing at 34 percent per week for several weeks now."

To give some perspective, according to Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, "If you can hit 10 percent a week you're doing exceptionally well." (source:

LegalReach is growing 34 percent a week.

Kohli is no stranger to establishing online professional networks: In 2011, he helped launch Doximity, which is today the largest and fastest growing professional network for physicians, with 25 percent of US physicians as active users and $27.8 million in venture capital.

LegalReach was designed for broad use across the legal spectrum, from senior counsels at Fortune 500 corporations and attorneys at large law firms, to independent attorneys and recent law school graduates.

In the weeks since its private launch in June 2013, LegalReach now includes more than 1 million attorneys in its directory with active attorneys from more than 33 percent of the Am Law 100 law firms (American Lawyer's annual survey, which ranks American law firms by number of attorneys, profits per partner and overall revenue). In June alone, LegalReach's user base nearly quadrupled.

LegalReach is feature-rich. When an attorney creates a free account at LegalReach, they're immediately able to:

  • Manage their legal identity, highlighting specific areas of expertise
  • Instantly find and connect with their law school alumni
  • Find clients, jobs and other business opportunities
  • Keep up to date on all legal news
  • Exchange private messages with other LegalReach attorneys

Kohli also added that attorneys are aggressively networking with their alumni on LegalReach, "We consciously set out to make sure our users could quickly rekindle and maintain those ties. Law school networks are an untapped source of support and business for many attorneys. With LegalReach, we're able to quickly reconnect attorneys to all these amazing alumni -- it's incredibly powerful to log on to LegalReach for the first time and discover that your classmate is the general counsel of a major corporation."

LegalReach already has active alumni networks for all 275 law schools in the US.

About LegalReach

LegalReach is the world's largest dedicated online professional network of lawyers that connects clients, counsels, attorneys and recruiters. LegalReach is well-positioned to connect the top legal minds to solve complex legal issues for clients, counsels and government. With information on more than 1 million attorneys in the US, LegalReach has quickly become the legal industry standard professional network with more than 10,000 messages sent between LegalReach attorneys daily. To find out more about LegalReach, please visit

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