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Net Driven Announces Major Enhancements to Auto Tire Catalog

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Scranton, PA, Aug. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Net Driven, the most trusted provider of websites and Internet marketing solutions for independent automotive businesses, is proud to announce the latest release of major enhancements to the Net Driven Auto Tire Catalog. A key feature of all Net Driven tire dealer websites, the Auto Tire Catalog enables customers to perform comprehensive online research on their tire purchase, and converts online visitors into offline sales.

The Net Driven Auto Tire Catalog content enhancements ensure a tire dealer's website is viewed as a digital showroom with a fluid, interactive experience where online customers can:

  • Learn how tire attributes impact tire selection through the Consumer Tire Guide
  • Read and submit consumer reviews of tires
  • Roll over tire images for a closer, more detailed view of tread and sidewall
  • Compare multiple tires online and in a printer-friendly side-by-side format
  • Filter tires by type, category, speed rating, and brand
  • "Search by Vehicle" selects tires with OEM speed rating and higher with the ability to select other speed ratings in that size

Tire dealers can showcase specific promotions online on individual tires and manufacturer rebates only on tires where the rebates apply. Dealers will never have to honor a promotion that isn't for a specific tire.

The new mobilized version of the Auto Tire Catalog includes:

  • A GPS-enabled feature so customers can quickly receive directions to a dealer's location
  • Request-a-quote mobile view is now available for 24/7 submission

"We see the websites of our tire dealers acting as a virtual salesman," says Patrick Sandone III, President at Net Driven. "This means anticipating the questions and concerns of consumers so they stay engaged with the website and the sales process."

All enhancements made to the Net Driven Auto Tire Catalog align with Net Driven's overall mission of driving more visitors, driving more leads, and driving more sales to independent automotive businesses.

See the new Automotive Tire Catalog: Automotive Tire Catalog

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Founded in 2007, Net Driven is a SaaS (Software as a Service) technology platform designed to provide effective and affordable online marketing solutions exclusively to the automotive industry. The Company focuses on helping dealers increase sales, profits and retention using the Internet. Headquartered in Scranton, PA, with a second location in Duluth, MN,  the Company works with over 4,500 businesses across the United States and Canada. Net Driven's three step online marketing solution drives consumers from their living room to a dealer's showroom. This solution includes Internet marketing, a proprietary website and comprehensive monitoring, training, analytics and support. The Company's technology and content was developed in conjunction with independent dealers and is now available to the industry at affordable prices.

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