Three Rivers, Michigan, Aug. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Armstrong International, a world leader in intelligent system solutions for steam, air and hot water utility applications, announces the launch of Steam QM-3*, an automatic steam quality monitoring solution that determines and communicates steam moisture content, the amount of superheat present and the concentration of non-condensable gases in pure/clean steam to yield accurate and reliable steam quality data to provide greater precision to meet European Standard EN 285.

"Until now, measuring steam quality has largely been a manual process, which is time consuming and presents inherent safety and accuracy risks," said Kerry Phillips, Global Product Manager for Armstrong International. "Steam QM-3 offers a safer and more reliable alternative to the traditional manual method of monitoring steam quality," Phillips said.

Steam QM-3 is an intelligent solution that allows pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities concerned with steam quality to easily and efficiently measure the quality of steam used for sterile applications.          

With accuracy within +/-1% steam dryness, Steam QM-3 delivers exceptionally precise results.

Featuring a RS485 connection for data logging, Steam QM-3 continuously monitors to provide trending data over time. The results may be remotely monitored via MODBUS.     

Steam QM-3 works by reducing the steam to atmospheric pressure and then introducing additional heat to allow steam dryness to be measured. Superheat measurements are determined by the steam temperature after expansion to atmospheric pressure. Finally, the volume of non-condensable gases is compared to the volume of condensate.  

Pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities recognize Steam-QM3 to be especially valuable in these applications: clean and pure steam generation, autoclaves for sterilization, process vessels, heat exchangers, heating or drying systems, disinfection/decontamination units, and lyophilizers and aseptic filling machines with sanitation in place.

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