COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instead of stepping back, Morgan Drexen is committed to continuing its ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility initiative – this despite a data mining campaign by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that has cost the company millions of dollars.

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"The CFPB's egregious actions will not stop us from maintaining, and indeed increasing, our commitment to the wonderful non-profit groups we work with," said Walter Ledda, Morgan Drexen CEO. "For about a year and a half we have endured relentless data mining efforts by the CFPB. It is literally an attack on privacy rights and the right to confidentiality of attorney client communications that, in some ways, has crippled our ability to conduct business. Some companies might choose to pull back on charitable partnerships at a time like this, but that will not be us."

Morgan Drexen has formed charitable alliances with nearly a dozen non-profit groups, both locally in Orange County, CA, and across the country. Those groups include the American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Orange County Rescue Mission, Children's Hospital Orange County (CHOC Children's), and Royal Family KIDS, which operates camps for abused and neglected children.

Morgan Drexen recently pledged to help Royal Family KIDS open a new camp in the Orange County area. In addition, the company is raising needed funds for CHOC Children's.  A recent company-wide food drive for the Orange County Rescue Mission proved to be the organization's biggest donation in recent memory. Morgan Drexen has also held fundraisers for victims of tragic events, including the recent Oklahoma tornadoes and a freak car accident that resulted in the electrocution of two good Samaritans in Los Angeles. Every month, Morgan Drexen holds a "denim day" at its corporate headquarters to raise money for worthy causes.

"We need to fight for our right to privacy, which means we need to fight the CFPB tooth-and-nail. But rest assured, we will always fight for those who need us the most," said Ledda.

Over the past 17 months, Morgan Drexen has been subjected to the CFPB's unjustified demands for the financial details of thousands of struggling American consumers. The CFPB's invasive tactics have resulted in direct harm for Morgan Drexen, both in terms of real dollars and damaged reputation. In response, Morgan Drexen and Connecticut attorney Kimberly Pisinski have filed a federal lawsuit against the CFPB, arguing the agency is structurally unconstitutional and grossly overreaching in its demands to obtain documents protected by attorney-client privilege.

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