More Alexandria Parents Seek a Pediatric Chiropractor for Child Healthcare

| Source: Back to Health Center

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Shara Posner, a pediatric chiropractor in Alexandria, says that she is noticing an increase in the number of Northern Virginia parents bringing their children in for chiropractic care. According to Dr. Posner, many parents are turning to chiropractic because it is natural, safe and avoids the use of drugs with their side effects. She adds that the parents and children she treats report a high satisfaction rate with the types of natural care she provides in her clinic, the Back to Health Center in Alexandria. Dr. Posner's center offers spinal adjustments, cranio-sacral therapy, nutritional counseling, and even infant massage therapy.

Dr. Posner says the trend is growing. "A lot more parents seem to be looking for a pediatric chiropractor in Alexandria, and all over the country. I think more people are realizing that if we can find ways to help children thrive naturally to help their bodies help themselves by ensuring that the nervous system is not hindered in any way, especially while children are developing, then we can avoid the tricky side-effects of drugs and sometimes even eliminate health problems altogether," she says. She goes on to say that parents have seen improvement through chiropractic care for symptoms that include colic, ear infections, headaches, attention deficit issues, growing pains, allergies and asthma.

Dr. Posner explains that babies and children can suffer spinal misalignments just like adults, and that the resulting pinched nerves can be just as painful. She lists some of the ways a child's spine can become misaligned: the birthing process, being picked up awkwardly, the normal bumps and falls of learning to walk, run and play, etc. While the spine is still developing, these incidents can cause pinched nerves, she says. Dr. Posner adds that chiropractic care for infants is administered gently with the fingers at a pressure that would be comfortable on an eyeball. She also says chiropractic care, along with infant massage they teach to parents, provides welcome relief from colic, troublesome digestion issues and sleep problems.

Dr. Posner recommends that children receive regularly scheduled postural exams as they grow to check that posture is optimal so that the nervous system can function for optimal health and development. She says that this is particularly important as children become involved with sports and other activities where they are at risk for injury. That way, she explains, they can keep posture on target and work to fix any injuries so that they heal properly and do not cause problems for the child in the future.

Dr. Posner says, "Chiropractic care for kids helps them thrive naturally. It includes posture, but also nutrition and healthy lifestyles. It's about helping the whole child."

The Back to Health Center in Alexandria provides chiropractic care, massage therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture and nutritional counseling. For more information, visit their website at

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