ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced its certification with Intel's VR12.5 voltage regulation specification, enabling designers of x86 server infrastructure for datacenter, cloud computing and telecom environments to apply the latest innovations in power management while achieving significant gains in energy efficiency and system density. As with Vicor's earlier VR12.0-compliant solution, Vicor's direct 48 V-to-processor power conversion solution for VR12.5 provides the industry's highest efficiency compared to conventional multi-staged 48 V to 12 V to 1 V conversion designs.

Vicor's conversion solution from 48 V directly to a ~1 V microprocessor load enables more efficient power distribution and eliminates duplicate conversion stages found in conventional multi-staged power systems. The new VR12.5-compliant Vicor solution is comprised of a VI Chip® VTM® current multiplier based on Vicor's pioneering new Converter housed in Package (ChiP) platform, and a Picor Cool-Power® ZVS regulator, yielding a solution that uses 30% less board area and provides 30% less power loss compared to Vicor's earlier VR12.0 solution. These components can be used in combination via a Factorized Power Architecture® (FPA®) that separates regulation and voltage transformation functions, allowing for greater design flexibility and denser processor and server configurations.

The ongoing proliferation of datacenter server infrastructure and associated rise in power and cooling costs are putting increased demands on operational budgets and floor space. By applying Vicor's power component design methodology that leverages high density, thermally-adept power components tailored for exacting datacenter requirements, system designers can achieve significant design and cost efficiencies while reducing overall energy usage.

"Vicor is committed to keeping pace with the newest advancements in x86 processor architectures with equally compelling advancements in power management technology," said Philip Davies, Corporate Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Vicor. "The form factor and efficiency gains that we're enabling with our newest generation of power components are naturally complementary to the power/performance benefits provided by Intel's Haswell processor architecture, equipping system designers to realize new levels of server density and energy efficiency in the datacenter."

Vicor's VR12.5-compliant power components will be publically available in Q1 2014, and are sampling to qualified customers today. For more information, visit Vicor's website.

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