Dassault Aviation: Dassault Aviation delivers a new Falcon 50 M to the DGA

| Source: Dassault Aviation

SAINT-CLOUD CEDEX 300, France, Sept. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

On  11 September 2013 in Mérignac, Dassault Aviation  delivered a Falcon 50 M to
the  French  defense  procurement  agency  (DGA) to ensure maritime surveillance

This aircraft is the first in a series of four State-owned Falcon 50B (initially
operated  by Etec, the  French Air Force  squadron that ensured presidential and
other official flights) to be transformed for maritime surveillance missions. It
will  join four other Falcon  50 M jets in service  in the French Navy since the
early 2000s.

The  main  missions  of  these  aircraft  involve  search  and  rescue  at  sea,
surveillance of fishing zones and fighting against trafficking and smuggling.

The  project to transform  the aircraft for  maritime surveillance work involves
installing observation windows and a mission control system (provided by Thales)
that  includes a radar  device installed in  the nose cone, retractable infrared
optronics and an operator's console in the cabin.

Delivery of the three other Falcon 50 M will be staggered up to early 2015.

With  more than 8,000 military and civil aircraft delivered to 83 countries over
the  past 60 years,  and having  logged nearly  28 million flight hours to date,
Dassault  Aviation can offer  recognized know how  and experience in the design,
development,  sale and support of all types of aircraft, from the Rafale fighter
to  the  Falcon  range  of  high  end  business jets. In 2012, Dassault Aviation
reported revenues of € 3.94 billion, with around 11,600 employees.

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Dassault Aviation delivers a new Falcon 50 M to the DGA: http://hugin.info/143388/R/1728875/577470.pdf