Simeprevir has been approved in Japan for the treatment of genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C infection

| Source: Medivir AB
Stockholm, Sweden — Medivir AB (OMX: MVIR) today reports that Janssen
Pharmaceutical R&D Ireland (Janssen) has been informed by the Japanese Ministry
of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) that simeprevir has been approved for the
treatment of genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

"The approval in Japan is a very important step in providing patients with new
treatment options. It is the first approval based on the series of global
filings that our partner initiated during 2013. Japan is commercially a very
exciting market with a huge unmet medical need among hepatitis C patients", says
Maris Hartmanis, CEO of Medivir.

The approval in Japan triggers a milestone payment of €5m to Medivir.

Simeprevir, a new direct-acting antiviral agent (DAA), is a protease inhibitor
for the treatment of genotype 1 chronic HCV infection. Simeprevir is
administered once-daily for 12 weeks as part of a “triple combination” with
pegylated interferon and ribavirin followed by an additional 12 or 36 weeks of
pegylated interferon and ribavirin alone.

In the CONCERTO clinical trials, simeprevir, as part of a regimen with pegylated
interferon and ribavirin, demonstrated strong efficacy, with 89 percent of
patients with previously untreated genotype 1 HCV infection achieving a
sustained virological response (SVR). The primary endpoint in all clinical
studies for simeprevir was a SVR 12 weeks after the last dose of treatment. In
studies that included patients who had relapsed after stopping previous HCV
treatment, results showed an SVR rate of 96 percent. These results were
presented in June at The Japan Society of Hepatology.

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About hepatitis C in Japan
In Japan, the number of patients with chronic HCV infection is estimated at
approximately 1.5 to 2 million. Approximately 70 percent of Japanese patients
who have HCV are infected by genotype 1 HCV. After infection with HCV occurs,
the infection may persist in about 70 percent of cases, leading to the
development of chronic hepatitis. Continued inflammation causes liver fibrosis
to develop and progress, potentially developing into liver cirrhosis and liver
cancer.[1] Currently, in Japan about 35,000 people are dying from liver cancer
every year, and hepatitis C is said to be the cause of liver cancer in about 80
percent of cases.[2]

About simeprevir
Simeprevir is a new DAA (direct-acting antiviral agent), is a protease inhibitor
jointly developed by Janssen R&D Ireland and Medivir AB for the treatment of
genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C infection. Simeprevir works by blocking the
protease enzyme that enables the hepatitis C virus to replicate in host cells.

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About Medivir
Medivir is an emerging research-based pharmaceutical company focused on
infectious diseases.
Medivir has world class expertise in polymerase and protease drug targets and
drug development which has resulted in a strong infectious disease R&D
portfolio. The Company’s key pipeline asset is simeprevir, a novel protease
inhibitor for the treatment of hepatitis C that is being developed in
collaboration with Janssen R&D Ireland. Medivir has also a broad product
portfolio with prescription pharmaceuticals in the Nordics.

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