KELOWNA, BC--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2013) - ReliaBrand Inc. (OTCQB: RLIA) announced today that it will launch its new "Adiri® MD+ Nurser™" at their feature booth located in the 'Modern Child®' Showcase at the ABC Kids Expo being held at Las Vegas, Nevada October 15th to 18th, 2013. The completed product was shipped to Las Vegas where it will be unveiled next week to global retail store buyers after being adjudicated by an independent selection committee to be featured in 'The Modern Child® Showcase' as part of the Company's Adiri® Brand of infant Nursers and related accessories. The ABC (All Baby & Child) Kids Expo is the Premier Global Juvenile Products Show.

The new "Adiri® MD+™ Nurser" combines the features of a premium nurser with unique Medicinal Dispensing features that help parents accurately and safely dispense prescribed medicinal dosages or liquid supplements during regular infant feedings. A 2010 study in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA) found that that 98% of liquid OTC medications for children have inconsistencies or confusing dosing instructions. It also found that in spite of FDA recommendations that children's OTC medications be packaged with dispensing devices, 26% of children OTC medication makers had not complied with the recommendation. Furthermore, that of the 148 medications that had a dispensing device, 83% came only with a graduated cap, 13.5% with a dropper and only 2.7% with a more accurate oral syringe dispenser.

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, stated in her published article concerning dispensing OTC Medications to infants and children: "Don't use a spoon from the kitchen to dose medications. Ever. There is mountain of studies that finds this is dangerous for children." According to Dr. Swanson, "While we can easily standardize doses for adults, medications for children are based on their mass or weight. We worry about over-dosing children. But we worry about under-dosing children, too. I hate to think of families under-dosing fever reducers or pain relievers and thus not adequately treating a child. The child suffers more." When discussing current infant dosing practices Dr. Swanson concluded, "It's time OTC liquid medications for children were packaged with a universal dosing device. And time that pediatricians and all physicians be required to use only one unit of measurement (whenever possible) to avoid ongoing confusion for prescription medications, too. A new study functions as a wake-up call for drug makers and pediatricians alike; we need to do a better job helping families learn how to safely dose OTC liquid medications for infants and children. Current practice isn't going to cut it."

"The Adiri® MD+ Nurser™ was purpose-built to help caregivers accurately dispense liquid medications or supplements to infants and children," ReliaBrand CEO Antal Markus stated. "It provides accurate measuring and dispensing and helps to mask the taste to improve the infant's acceptance of the medicine or supplement during a normal infant feeding," Markus continued. "I believe this revolutionary product is the type of universal dosing device the market has lacked," Markus affirmed. "I look forward to unveiling our Adiri® MD+ Nurser™ to the over 350 ABC Kids Expo attendees who already previewed it and to all the remaining global retail store buyers in attendance next week that we have an opportunity to meet in person," Markus concluded.

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