Orexo appoints Nomination Committee and publishes financial calendar 2013/2014

| Source: Orexo AB
Prior to the Annual General Meeting 2014, Orexo appoints a Nomination Committee
which represents approximately 49 percent of the number of shares and votes in
the company based on the last known shareholder information.

The Nomination Committee, whose tasks include providing proposals to the General
Meeting regarding Chairman of the Meeting, Board members, Chairman of the Board,
fees for the board members, any remuneration for committee work, proposal for
and fees to the company’s auditor as well as principles for composition of the
Nomination Committee, comprises:

• Ulrik Spork, Novo A/S, also Chairman of the Nomination Committee
• Björn Odlander, HealthCap
• Claus Berner Møller, Arbejdsmarkedets Tillaegspension (ATP)
• Martin Nicklasson, Chairman of the Board of Orexo

The Nomination Committee’s proposals will be presented in the Notice to the
Annual General Meeting 2014 and on Orexo’s web site, www.orexo.com.

Shareholders who want to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee, can do
this by sending an e-mail to beata.augenblick@orexo.com (subject “Nomination
Committee”) or by letter posted to “Orexo’s Nomination Committee,” Orexo AB, Box
303, SE-751 05 Uppsala, Sweden, by February 14, 2014 at the latest.

The Annual General Meeting 2014 in Orexo will be held on Tuesday, April 15, 2014
at 4:00pm CET in Uppsala. Shareholders who want to have a matter addressed at
the Annual General Meeting 2014 must submit such a proposal to the same address
as above (subject “Annual General Meeting 2014” for the e-mail and the letter,
respectively) by March 4, 2014 at the latest.

Future information reporting dates from Orexo:

|Interim Report January – September 2013 |October 23, 2013             |
|Year-End Report 2013                    |January 30, 2014             |
|Publication of the annual report        |Week 13, 2014                |
|Annual General Meeting 2014             |April 15, 2014, at 4:00pm CET|
|Interim Report January – March, 2014    |April 25, 2014               |
|Interim Report January – June, 2014     |July 11, 2014                |
|Interim Report January – September, 2014|October 22, 2014             |

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Juuel, EVP and Chief Financial Officer
Tel: +46 (0)722-20 94 77, E-mail: henrik.juuel@orexo.com

Beata Augenblick, Investor Relations
Tel: +46 (0)706-22 59 93, E-mail: beata.augenblick@orexo.com

About Orexo AB
Orexo is an emerging specialty pharma company with commercial operations in the
United States and R&D in Sweden developing improved treatments using proprietary
drug delivery technology and commercial operations in the United States. The
company is commercializing its proprietary product, Zubsolv® (buprenorphine and
naloxone), for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence, in the United States.
Zubsolv is a novel formulation of buprenorphine and naloxone using Orexo’s
extensive knowledge in sublingual technologies. Orexo has a portfolio of two
approved and revenue generating products currently marketed under license in the
EU and US. Orexo AB, with its headquarters in Sweden, is listed on NASDAQ-OMX
and OTC market in the US (ORXOY). The largest shareholders are Novo A/S and

For information about Orexo AB, please visit www.orexo.com.