LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 16, 2013) -  Greengro Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GRNH), a world class world class provider in agricultural science system, has announced plans to launch the BP Gardens Farmers Market at the 4.5-acre BP Gardens Center located at 7701 Knott Ave. in Buena Park, Calif.

The BP Gardens Farmers Market will sell a broad selection of fresh produce, including fruits -- apples, grapes, peaches, plums and more -- and fresh organic vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces and more. 

"We plan to create a venue to help educate the community about how food is grown naturally and about the science involved in future farming. Our farmers market will provide Orange County shoppers with ways to interact with our grow operations to educate themselves about the source of their food and how it is made. Greengro is enthusiastic about providing restaurant operators, grocery stores and city residents with fresh seasonal produce in Buena Park at the BP Gardens Farmers Market," said James Haas, CEO of Greengro Technologies.

The market will also offer baked goods and feature local artisans and prepared food vendors. Along with fruits, nuts and vegetables, BP Gardens will also offer fish freshly harvested from its own onsite aquaponics operation. The BP Gardens Farmers Market is seeking top-quality farmers and growers to sell their products at a California certified farmers market where fresh food is sold directly to the public. 

Every farmer who sells at certified markets like the BP Gardens Farmers Market is inspected by the Orange County agricultural commissioner to make sure the farmer actually grows the commodity being sold. Vendors at the BP Gardens Farmers Market must hold an agricultural certificate issued by the agricultural commissioner of the county in which their crops are grown. Non-certified growers cannot sell produce (or even flowers and plants) in the BP Gardens Farmers Market. 

Greengro is currently breaking the ground for the first-phase of its initial BP Gardens project, set on prime real estate space strategically located in the heart of Buena Park. The property, formerly John's Wholesale Nursery, currently features 30,000 square feet of existing greenhouse facilities. In addition, an abundance of open area on the site is available for an additional 18,000 square feet of greenhouse structures for research and development (R&D) and future community activities.

The process from cleanup to designing of the aquaponics system and greenhouses will be completed by the end of November, according to Haas. The planning for integrating Greengro's vertical cultivation garden system into BP Gardens will also be completed by late November.

The Buena Park project calls for remodeling the site's existing greenhouses, each of which will be refurbished or purpose built and will highlight the most advanced and cost-effective commercial growing systems in use today.

About Greengro Technologies

Greengro Technologies is a national leader in both indoor and outdoor aquaponic and hydroponic systems and grow rooms, with specific domain expertise in agricultural science systems serving both the consumer and commercial farming markets. The company's customers include restaurants, community gardens, and small- and large-scale commercial clients

About BP Gardens

BP Gardens, Inc., Anaheim, Calif., is a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) company that specializes in the use of leading-edge technologies and state-of-the-art production methods -- hydroponics (soilless), aquaculture (fish farming), aquaponics (hydroponics and aquaculture) and aeroponics (plant roots moistened by misting sprays). CEA protects crops from detrimental environmental elements while generating superior, high-quality, locally grown, market-ready leafy green produce year-round in any climate. BP Gardens (in which Greengro Technologies holds a 51 percent controlling interest), leverages the industry expertise of its management and staff to create one of the most advanced, cost-effective and energy efficient models of urban CEA in the U.S.

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