CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2013) - Recently, Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Sheldon Seidman announced his practice is now offering a take-home teeth whitening treatment that can provide results comparable to professional in office whitening products. The system, called GLO® Brilliant, consists of whitening gel, a mouthpiece with a specialized light, and a portable, "iPod-sized" controller. The light inside the mouthpiece is what sets GLO® apart from other teeth whitening products, according to Dr. Seidman. He explains that professional grade in-office teeth whitening treatments often utilize a unique activation light that reacts with the bleaching gel for expert results. With GLO®, he says his patients can successfully replicate these outcomes.

Prior to beginning their at home teeth whitening, Dr. Seidman says his patients can "kickstart" their treatment with an in office version of the procedure. He notes that although GLO® Teeth Whitening can be completed at home in four brief eight-minute sessions, the initial in-office treatment may take a bit longer because he uses a much more powerful gel, requiring him to protect the patient's gum tissue prior to beginning the procedure.

In a recent blog post, titled "Improved Teeth Whitening at Home With GLO®," Dr. Seidman says another reason why his patients often prefer GLO® is because they have experienced little to no sensitivity with the product, making it an excellent alternative to other professional teeth whitening systems.

In addition to the low-sensitivity gel, Dr. Seidman says his patients have enjoyed improved comfort during at-home treatment due to the fact that GLO® does not use whitening trays. He explains that his patients simply brush on the gel and insert the mouthpiece, which they can bite down on. The mouthpiece lights up, activating the gel, and after eight minutes, the patient is done with their treatment session for the day. Dr. Seidman says an additional advantage of this system is that separate mouthpieces and gels can be purchased from his office so that multiple members of a household are able to share one rechargeable controller.

Dr. Seidman says he is excited about integrating the GLO® Brilliant Teeth Whitening System into his Chicago cosmetic dentistry practice because of its unique advantages. "To have a treatment you can start in-office and then take home is just very cool," he says.

About Sheldon Seidman, DDS

A graduate and former clinical instructor of Northwestern University Dental School, Dr. Sheldon Seidman is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Dental Association. He has continued to improve his knowledge and skills over the years through specialized postgraduate dental training with the prestigious Las Vegas Institute. Dr. Seidman is currently working to help other dentists around the world as a clinical instructor for the Hornbrook group. He is available for interview upon request.

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