ADVA Optical Networking, Juniper Networks and University of Michigan Reveal Future of Big Data Transport at SC13

Demo Showcases Global OpenFlow Network and New Possibilities for Scientific Collaboration

| Source: ADVA Optical Networking SE

DENVER, Nov. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

ADVA  Optical  Networking, Juniper
Networks and the University of Michigan announced today that they are showcasing
a  demo at SC13 that clearly defines the future of big data transport. Comprised
of  a globally  dispersed OpenFlow  network, the  demo reveals  how research and
education  organizations  can  efficiently  scale  their networks to effectively
transport   multiple   petabytes  of  data  -  something  that  is  critical  to
collaborative  scientific research. The  demo is built  around Juniper Networks'
PTX  Series Packet  Transport Routers,  including their integrated 100G coherent
transponder  and  ADVA  Optical  Networking's  100G Core  technology, and firmly
underlies  the strong interoperability  and shared vision  of the three parties.

"We  live in an era of mass collaboration, an era of sharing data, resources and
knowledge,  an era  defined by  global interworking,"  said Niall Robinson, vice
president,  PLM, Packet Optical Solutions,  ADVA Optical Networking. "This trend
will  continue to increase and will continue to demand a supporting network that
can transport enormous volumes of data. Research and education organizations are
acutely aware of this. To be a part of global scientific conversations demands a
network  that can scale,  a network that  can meet the  petabyte era. That's the
very  essence of this demo. We're not  just showing an isolated technology here,
we're  showcasing  a  fully  realized  global  network;  one based on a seamless
interworking  of optical layer and Supercore routing technology. This isn't just
a vision, it's a reality."

The  joint SC13  demo is  one of  the first  of its  kind to showcase a big data
transport  solution that is ready to  be globally implemented. Thoroughly tested
in  ADVA  Optical  Networking  and  Juniper  Networks'  lab  facilities, the key
technologies  have been designed for close  interworking with the removal of any
intermediary complexities. This ensures that the ADVA FSP 3000 and its 100G Core
transponder  can talk directly to the Juniper Networks' PTX router and its 100G
coherent  transponder over an error free long  haul circuit - something that has
never  been  done  before.  The  elimination  of unnecessary intermediary client
interfaces  will have a significant impact on the capital and operating costs of
network  operations and reveals  a resilient, true  multilayer network approach.
And  this approach  paves the  way for  a strong foundation for Software-Defined
Networking and network virtualization.

"Through  our partnership  with ADVA  Optical Networking  and the  University of
Michigan,  we're doing our  part to advance  the research community's ability to
stay  ahead  of  the  relentless  pace  of  modern  scientific  breakthrough and
discovery.  Without a strong supporting network infrastructure to transport huge
amounts  of scientific information, these discoveries  would likely be much more
limited,"  commented Paul Obsitnik, vice  president, Service Provider Marketing,
Juniper  Networks. "Together,  we've built  a live  network that is successfully
transporting  huge  amounts  of  data,  error-free,  on  a  global  scale.  This
demonstration  underscores our commitment to  an open ecosystem where scientific
organizations  can  migrate  from  their  existing  networks  to  a multi-vendor
infrastructure  that can accommodate the demands of  big data and the demands of
future scientific collaboration."

Further  details of the  joint SC13 demonstration  can be found  on ADVA Optical
Networking's SlideShare page:

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