SysEleven Deploys ADVA FSP 3000 for Berlin Bandwidth Boom

Fierce Network Expansion Requires Scalable Technology

| Source: ADVA Optical Networking SE

BERLIN, Nov. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

ADVA Optical Networking announced today that
SysEleven  has deployed the ADVA FSP 3000 to answer fierce bandwidth demand. One
of  Berlin's leading internet  service providers (ISPs),  SysEleven has expanded
its  network several  times in  the past  twelve months to accommodate continued
customer  growth. The ADVA FSP 3000 connects SysEleven's data centers within the
city,  ensuring robust, reliable and secure optical transport for its customers'
cloud-based  and virtualized applications. The network  was deployed and will be
maintained  by ADVA Optical Networking's Elite partner Axians. Further expansion
is expected in 2014.

"Berlin's  digital society  is one  of the  most vibrant  in Germany,  in all of
Europe.  It's a society that's growing at  a phenomenal rate; a society that has
significant expectations," said Marc Korthaus, founder and CEO, SysEleven. "It's
these growing expectations that explain why our network is expanding so rapidly.
There  are very few companies in Berlin prepared to invest in the city's digital
infrastructure,  in the  city's future.  We're proud  to be  one of  them. We're
building  an optical infrastructure  that exceeds our  customers' and the city's
expectations. That's why the scalability of the ADVA FSP 3000 is so key. We know
that  it  will  meet  our  networking  ambitions,  regardless  of  how big those
ambitions become."

The  inherent scalability  of the  ADVA FSP  3000 played a  decisive role in its
selection. From 10Gbit/s to 100Gbit/s and beyond, the ADVA FSP 3000 grows at the
pace  of your network and your  customers' needs. What's more, its plug-and-play
simplicity  is  key,  especially  for  smaller  enterprises that wish to rapidly
respond  to new network opportunities. The  ADVA FSP 3000 connects Berlin's most
relevant  carrier neutral data  centers in a  redundant ring topology, providing
its  customers with effective  high-speed access backed  by robust service level
agreements. SysEleven's ability to connect customers to any combination of these
five data centers independent of other network operators enables Berlin's entire
ISP scene to grow and expand rapidly.

"SysEleven  is an exciting company. It's young, it's ambitious, it's dynamic. In
many  ways, it embodies the  values of Berlin's digital  society, of its digital
culture,"  commented  Hartmut  Müller-Leitloff,  vice  president,  Sales Central
Europe,  ADVA Optical Networking. "Our team is intent on helping SysEleven drive
its  network  forward.  Indeed,  our  technology  will play an intrinsic role in
developing  an optical infrastructure that  outstrips all expectations and, more
importantly,  enables it  to grow.  What's key  here is  that we, along with our
trusted  partner Axians, continue to provide  the most resilient and secure data
transport  possible. Ultimately,  SysEleven is  trusting us  with its customers'
data, with its business and this is something that we never take for granted."

"SysEleven  is  growing  at  an  incredible  rate.  Its team, its customers, its
network  - this is a  company that's moving fast,"  said Detlev Schmidt, head of
business unit, Carrier & Service Providers, Axians. "Their network is 100G ready
today  - the exception, not  the rule in Berlin's  ISP community. Our role is to
help  it achieve its ambitions, help its  customers succeed. That's why being an
Elite  Partner with ADVA Optical Networking is so important. Being a part of its
Partner  Ecosphere Program enables us to deliver the best services possible. Our
team  has  an  in-depth  understanding  of  the ADVA FSP 3000. We understand its
design, its technology, its capabilities. As such, we can provide SysEleven with
the most advanced support of this product available."

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About ADVA Optical Networking
ADVA  Optical Networking is a  global provider of intelligent telecommunications
infrastructure  solutions. With software-automated Optical+Ethernet transmission
technology,  the Company  builds the  foundation for high-speed, next-generation
networks.  The Company's FSP product family adds scalability and intelligence to
customers'  networks while  removing complexity  and cost.  With a  flexible and
fast-moving organization, ADVA Optical Networking forges close partnerships with
its  customers to  meet the  growing demand  for data,  storage, voice and video
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About SysEleven
The goal of our work is to optimize your application and to create a scaling and
high-availability  concept for you which will  meet every challenge. Our team of
40 employees  is being trained continuously in database tuning, load dispersion,
storage and project planning. We design tomorrow's technology - we tell you what
your application will need in the future. In Berlin, we operate two data centers
which  are connected with a bandwidth of  more than 80 GBit and ensures seamless
functioning  in a disaster case. Upon a related basis, the consistently utilized
virtualization  ensures simple scaling  even under peak  workloads thanks to our
automation.  Upon a supplemental basis, the  Service Level Agreement ensures the
stable operation of our clients' challenging applications.

About Axians
Axians  is the brand for corporate communication of VINCI Energies in Europe and
offers  convergent and  scalable IT  infrastructure solutions  for secure voice,
data  and video  communication. In  Germany NK  Networks &  Services GmbH is the
independent  IT  system  integrator  under  the  Axians  brand. With a dedicated
nationwide business unit structure and synergies within an international team of
technical   experts   and   consultants  Axians  is  specialized  in  supporting
telecommunication   and   broadband   services,   cloud  services  and  internet
applications with design, upgrade, maintenance and operation of highly efficient
infrastructures.  Axians understands the  challenges in this  growing market and
has  established  itself  as  highly  specialized  system integrator and service
partner  of  leading  international  carriers  and  internet  service providers.

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