N2EX Membership Fees for 2014

| Source: N2EX

Following a presentation to the Market Council earlier this month, N2EX would like to inform members of changes to their fixed annual membership fees for 2014. 

The following annual membership fees will apply from 1st January  2014:

Participant fee - £22,000

Clearing fee - £15,000

Variable Trading Fees and all other fees remain unchanged.

An updated fee schedule will be available in the N2EX rulebook prior to 1st January 2014, all members will be notified through an exchange and clearing message as soon as the document is available on the N2EX website.

Should you have any questions please contact:

Emma McKiernan:  Client Relationship Executive UK (N2EX)

M: +44 7887 744 700|  T: +44 207 065 7041