Exchange Membership change: Carnegie Investment Bank AB on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen

| Source: NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S


Following change will take place in the exchange membership of Carnegie Investment Bank AB:
The Danish legal entity of Carnegie Bank Danmark A/S, today trading on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen under MPID CBA, will as of November 30st be transformed to a branch office. Carnegie Investment Bank AB will take over the legal membership of the coming “Carnegie Investment Bank, Filial af Carnegie Investment Bank AB (Publ), Sverige” as of December 2nd, 2013 on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen.  
CBA will continue trading on the equity market of NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, and will continue to clear and settle at EMCF, and at the Danish CSD (VP Securities).
Member:                                      Carnegie Investment Bank AB
INET memberID:                        CBA (in extension of their existing CAR & CAD MPIDs)
Clearing and settlement ID:        08269
BIC code:                                    CARNDKKKK
Valid from date:                           December 2, 2013
For further information concerning this Exchange Notice please contact Allan Hvalsøe Olsen telephone +45 33770383.
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