Talentum acquires Tietokone magazine from Sanoma Magazines

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Talentum Oyj      Press release      28 November 2013 at 09:00 am

Talentum acquires Tietokone magazine from Sanoma Magazines

Talentum acquires Tietokone magazine from Sanoma Magazines. The acquisition strengthens Talentum’s market leader position in Finnish ICT media for professionals. The acquisition price will not be published.
Tietokone magazine fits in Talentum’s product portfolio as a periodical for ICT professionals. Tietokone becomes a part of Talentum’s ICT magazine family, which at the moment includes Tietoviikko and ClO directed at ICT professionals and management and MPC, which focuses on information and communications technology appliances and services.
”Tietokone magazine offers strong journalism to its readers and completes Talentum’s product range in a great way. In the future we have four strong brands in the ICT field: Tietokone, Tietoviikko, MPC and CIO. During following months we will think over together with our readers and media customers what kind of product portfolio serves best all our customers in the future”, comments Tuomas Hämäläinen, Director of Magazine Business Finland.
Tietokone is a periodical directed at ICT professionals and it has 98,000 readers. Tietokone transfers to Talentum as of 1 January 2014. In connection with the acquisition, three journalists of Tietokone magazine transfer to Talentum’s service as old employees. Tietokone magazine’s editorial office will be combined with the editorial office of Talentum’s ICT magazines. Magazine’s new Editor-in-Chief is Mikko Torikka.
”I welcome Tietokone magazine’s talented journalists to Talentum. Together we will create and develop an ever stronger entity of ICT medias”, says Editor-in-Chief Mikko Torikka.
In addition to print and online pages, Talentum’s ICT medias are also available in Talentum’s digital service Summa.
Summa is Talentum’s new digital service, which combines Talentum’s magazines, books and online content into one content service. Summa contains all familiar brands, such as Talouselämä, Tekniikka&Talous and Tietoviikko, and new comprehensive subject channels with which users can tailor Summa according to their needs.

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For more information, please contact:
Tuomas Hämäläinen, Director, Magazine Business Finland
+358 40 342 4435
Mikko Torikka, Editor-in-Chief, ICT magazines
+358 40 342 4362


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