BETSSON AB - Issue and repurchase of class C shares

| Source: Betsson AB
The Board of Directors of Betsson AB (publ) (”Betsson”) has on 29 November 2013,
in accordance with the authorization granted to the Board of Directors at the
Extraordinary General Meeting held on 19 August 2013, resolved to issue up to
521,700 class C shares at a subscription price of SEK 2, corresponding to the
quota value of the share. The newly issued shares may be subscribed for by the
bank or stock broker from time to time appointed by the company to administrate
the incentive schemes of the Betsson group. The shares must be subscribed for no
later than 31 December 2013.

The Board of Directors has in connection with the resolution to issue the shares
also resolved to repurchase all issued class C shares, at a price of SEK 2. The
purpose of the share issue and the repurchase of the class C shares are to
secure delivery of shares pursuant to the incentive scheme resolved at the
Extraordinary General Meeting held on 19 August 2013. Prior to any delivery of
shares pursuant to the incentive scheme, Betsson will convert class C shares
into class B shares. Class C shares are not entitled to any dividend payments.

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Silfverberg, CEO and President Betsson AB (publ), phone: +46 (0)8 506 403
00 or
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