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Ontario SPCA Announces New Partnership with Ontario Pork

NEWMARKET, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 4, 2013) - The Ontario SPCA and Ontario Pork are pleased to announce the two organizations have entered into an agreement through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to work together when investigating complaints about animal welfare on swine farms.

Under the Agreement, both organizations will work together to address concerns of animal abuse or neglect. Ontario Pork will provide technical assistance to Ontario SPCA Officers in cases where inadequate animal care may be occurring on swine farms.

Further, Ontario SPCA and Ontario Pork have agreed that upon at least 48 hours notice, Ontario Pork will visit a swine farm in conjunction with Ontario SPCA Officers for the purpose of investigating any complaints or allegations of inadequate animal care.

Similarly, Ontario SPCA has agreed to contact Ontario Pork with at least 48 hours notice, except in situations where animals are in immediate distress, to arrange a joint inspection of the licensed farm property.

In addition, the Ontario SPCA and Ontario Pork will host joint education sessions on an annual basis to exchange information and experiences related to on-farm animal care and Code of Practice issues.

"This is the fourth of recent MOAs that have been developed by the Ontario SPCA and livestock commodity groups," says Chief Inspector, Connie Mallory, Ontario SPCA. "We are pleased to be working together with Ontario Pork to help animals in need and enhance Animal Welfare across the province."

About Ontario Pork:

Ontario Pork represents the 1,600 farmers who market hogs in the province in many areas, including research, government representation, environmental issues, consumer education and food quality assurance. The pork industry in Ontario accounts for 1 in 7 jobs, and it is estimated that total industry output from farm gate sales is worth $5.6 billion to the Ontario economy. Visit Ontario Pork's website:

About Ontario SPCA and Humane Society:

Protecting animals since 1873, Ontario SPCA is Ontario's Animal Welfare organization. A registered charity comprised of over 50 Communities.

Ontario SPCA is mandated under the Ontario SPCA Act to enforce animal welfare legislation and the Act provides Ontario SPCA Agents and Inspectors with police powers to do so.

Ontario SPCA provides leadership in animal welfare innovations including introducing high-volume spay/neuter services to Ontario and opening the Provincial Education and Animal Centre.

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