Reissued 2014 Financial Calendar

| Source: Atlantic Petroleum P/F

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, 2013-12-12 23:37 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- P/F Atlantic Petroleum (OMX: FO-ATLA) today announces a reissue of the Financial Calendar for 2014 with the sole purpose to announce the Financial Calendar on Oslo Børs.


  • Friday 14th March 2014: Annual Financial Statement 2013 to be issued
  • Friday 11th April 2014: Annual General Meeting
  • Wednesday 21th May 2014: 1st Quarter 2014 Condensed Consolidated Interim report to be issued
  • Wednesday 27th August 2014: 2nd Quarter 2014 Condensed Consolidated Interim report to be issued
  • Wednesday 12th November 2014: 3rd Quarter 2014 Condensed Consolidated Interim report to be issued


Further Details:

Further details can be obtained from Ben Arabo, CEO, tel +298 350100 ( This announcement will be available, together with other information about Atlantic Petroleum, on the Company's website:


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Atlantic Petroleum in brief

Atlantic Petroleum is a full cycle exploration and production (E&P) Group. The asset portfolio spans the full-cycle E&P value chain of exploration, appraisal and development through to production, and is located in some of the world’s most prolific hydrocarbon basins. Main focus is offshore North West Europe where the Group can provide steady growth from the existing asset base and is prepared to acquire new assets. Atlantic Petroleum has a total of 44 oil and gas licences in the UK, Norway, Faroe Islands, Ireland and the Netherlands, producing oil & gas from three fields in the UK part of the North Sea. Three fields are under development or near development. Atlantic Petroleum participates in joint ventures containing around 30 high quality partners. With a strong operating cash flow the Group is well positioned for further growth. Atlantic Petroleum’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Iceland, NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen and Oslo Børs.



Announcement no. 56/2013

Issued 12-12-2013




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