GREAT NECK, NEW YORK--(Marketwired - Dec. 16, 2013) - Cell phones and mobile technology have augmented communications considerably-mainly by implementing and standardizing new modes and platforms for interaction. Chief amongst these is text messaging. While thousands already utilize this platform on the daily basis, businesses may want to utilize the platform too. However in doing so, businesses must ask themselves if text messaging is a valid means of communication between employees and their bosses.

GetVoIP, a team of experts in the VoIP communications field, have released the results to a recent survey that examines the number of American employees who currently engage their bosses and superiors via text message. The results clearly indicate the vast majority of employees, approximately 3 out of 4, do not text their bosses.

GetVoIP polled 1082 American employees ages 18 and over to find out just how many employees currently text their employers.

  • 79.5% responded No, they do not.
  • 20.5% responded Yes, they do.

Of these percentages, GetVoIP also analyzed the responses taking into account the gender of the employee, as well as the age group. Both these factors influenced the likelihood of texting for one reason or another.

In regards to gender,

  • 80.51% of females said they do NOT text their bosses
  • 19.57% of females said they DO text their bosses.
  • 77.51% of males said they do NOT text their bosses.
  • 18.16% of males said they DO text their bosses.

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GetVoIP surveyed 1316 American employees via Google's Consumer Survey Tool from November 12, 2013 through the 15th. Those who participated asked the question: Do You Text Your Boss? Respondents were given a yes or no option to answer. This survey did not include the results from respondents that selected Not Applicable, leaving a grand total of 1082 participants. Google gathers responses by requesting answers in exchange for access to premium content.

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