The Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior implements cBrain F2 case and document management software

| Source: cBrain A/S

The Danish Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior announced today, that they have chosen cBrain as new supplier of case and document management software to the Ministry's department.

The Ministry of Economy and the Interior announces their selection of cBrain F2 shortly after the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed an agreement with cBrain regarding the delivery of F2.

With this order a total of 9 Danish ministries have now decided to run case and document management on standard F2. This is quite a unique Danish situation, as it up until now (also internationally) have proved difficult to implement complex standard software across ministries.


About cBrain and F2

cBrain is listed on NASDAQ OMX and has developed the F2 software suite, which is currently used in operations in 7 Danish ministries including the Prime Ministers office.

cBrain F2 represents a new type of integrated software which as been developed to support the work at government organizations. F2 offers knowledge workers a complete and fully integrated digital workplace that supports case and document management, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing, process support as well as archiving including records management for public administration.

For knowledge-based organizations who demand greater efficiency, transparency, quality of work and increased employee satisfaction, cBrain F2 is a revolutionary and highly effective tool to support e-government and knowledge production.

In the year 2011, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Climate and Energy was awarded the national digitization award due to the remarkable efficiency gains that the two ministries have achieved through the implementation of F2.


Best regards

Per Tejs Knudsen