Changes will be effected in the documents regulating the open-end investment fund "Lat reserve fund" (starting from 01.01.2014)

| Source: SEB Wealth Management

On 1 January 2014 Latvia will join the euro zone. For this reason some changes will be effected in the operation of the open-end investment fund Lat reserve fund (Latu rezerves fonds) (ISIN LV0000400067). Changes will occur starting from 01.01.2014.

Firstly, the fund will have another name - investment fund "Eiro rezerves fonds". It was selected to continue the tradition of using the name of the Latvian national currency in the name of the fund. There will be no changes in the investment policy of the fund and the management fee.

Secondly, the basic currency of the fund will be converted from LVL into EUR at the official exchange rate of the Bank of Latvia (LVL 1 = EUR 1.42 - the exchange rate of 0.702804). In the future, the value of the fund portfolio of investors will be shown in EUR. The changeover to EUR will not affect the number of shares of the fund.

Thirdly, the minimum amount of investment will be EUR 15 (previously - LVL 15).

Fourthly, in order to ensure the above mentioned changes technically, restrictions will apply to the performance of transactions on December 2013 - it will not be possible to perform transactions with shares of Lat reserve fund from 2.00 PM on 19 December 2013 until 12.00 AM on 2 January 2014.


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