LightLab and Norrtelje Elektronikpartner (NEP) sign licensing agreement

| Source: LightLab Sweden AB
LightLab offers partners the chance to license their unique EEE Light™
Technology. The three E’s represent the technology’s three biggest advantages:
energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and economical production.

LightLab has signed a licensing agreement with Norrtelje Elektronikpartner (NEP)
for the development of a solution for wireless lighting control. The licensing
agreement involves a Bluetooth-based wireless technology that gives the user the
ability to control their lights from a smartphone or tablet.

The product will be launched as an app during Q1 2014.

LightLab will offer the new solution as part of their EEE Light Technology. NEP
will sell the solution to customers outside LightLab’s market.

“Signing our first commercial agreement is the logical next step in our
company’s development,” said LightLab CEO Jan-Erik Lennefalk. “It also
demonstrates that our R&D efforts are delivering results. NEP and LightLab have
been collaboratively developing solutions based on our unique lighting
technology for a long time. This new wireless communication solution is a great
example of what LightLab and our partners can create using EEE Light.”

”It’s an exciting product that we see creating interesting new business
opportunities, particularly within the Internet of Things,” said NEP’s Anders
Söderbärg. ”We look forward to developing more solutions like this in
collaboration with LightLab.”
If you have any questions, please contact:

Jan-Erik Lennefalk, CEO
Mobile: 46 (0) 702 51 91 92

Per Olsson, Investor Relations
Mobile: 46 (0)730 80 49 59
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LightLab Sweden AB (publ),, has developed an environmentally
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balance and colour quality. The bulb does not contain any mercury, lead or other
substances hazardous to the environment. Laboratory activities are carried out
by a subsidiary in Taiwan, LightLab Asia. The technology behind the bulb is
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