JLU Group selects IFS Applications

| Source: Industrial & Financial Systems, IFS AB
IFS (http://www.ifsworld.com/), the global enterprise applications company,
announces that the JLU Group (http://www.jlu.de/), headquartered in Haiger,
Germany, has decided to implement IFS
Applications™ (http://www.ifsworld.com/en/solutions/ifs-applications-8/) to
standardize its business processes. The agreement includes licenses and
The JLU Group serves a variety of industries and is globally positioned with a
broad range of products and services. The group’s portfolio includes the
development, production, and distribution of waste collectors, ladder systems
and access technology, industrial shelf construction as well as lifting,
handling and transportation systems. The JLU Group with more than 1,000
employees has its headquarters in Haiger, Germany but operates globally with
seven companies and 17 subsidiaries.

With its existing ERP system no longer maintained by the vendor, the JLU Group
was looking for a new comprehensive and fully integrated solution that could be
implemented throughout the group. After an extensive selection process, the
group chose IFS Applications.

With IFS Applications, the group will harmonize its IT landscape and optimize
cross-company business processes. To achieve this, the subsidiary company LOTUS,
the central service provider of the JLU Group, will implement the ERP solution
gradually in all companies within the group. When fully implemented, the JLU
Group will be using the IFS solution to support a wide range of processes—from
accounting and HR to project, production and quality management as well as
maintenance and sales.

"We mainly opted for IFS because of their understanding of the needs of medium
-sized companies and its comprehensive process knowledge in different fields of
the manufacturing industry," LOTUS Project Manager Martin Dilthey said. "It was
also important to us that the software can be used internationally and that the
provider is present on all relevant sites."

"We are pleased that the JLU Group has chosen our software," IFS Europe Central
Vice President Sales & Marketing Peter Höhne said. "This decision is further
evidence of the strength of IFS when it comes to supporting the business
processes of structurally diversified and internationally positioned
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