Timeshares By Owner Announces New Tools for Timeshare Rentals

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Orlando, FL, Dec. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Timeshares By Owner is a business designed to fill a need in the timeshare industry that has been largely neglected. They connect timeshare owners who wish to rent or sell their timeshares to consumers who would like to rent and/or purchase them. Timeshares By Owner knows that finding a renter is not easy. The resorts certainly won't help and the task of marketing your timeshare yourself can be overwhelming. That is where Timeshares By Owner steps in. They help empower timeshare owners by connecting them with renters that they would otherwise have not been able to find.

"Our job is not only to connect the owners and renters, but to educate the owners about their properties. We take our job seriously."

                                                Kevin White, VP and Consumer Analyst

In an effort to add more value to their platform, Timeshares By Owner is constantly looking for areas to increase their exposure. In addition to their weekly updated Hot Deals, their Reserved and Ready list, which is growing by the day, and their other many and various forms of media and marketing, Timeshares By Owner is expanding their marketing base by beginning an email campaign, which will be sending out over 50,000 emails a month to prospective renters. They are also increasing their social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Renting out a timeshare is all about connections. At Timeshares By Owner the motto is: 'The larger the audience, the more connections;' and more connections means more timeshare rentals.

Timeshares By Owner is one of the only companies in the timeshare industry that publishes and distributes their own magazine. "The Timeshare Trader" contains information about vacation properties that clients have available throughout the world. From the majestic frontiers of Canada and Africa to the tropical beaches of Aruba, any vacation desired is available.

Timeshares By Owner connects timeshare owners with renters, who are in turn able to rent timeshares directly from property owners by passing the middlemen and eliminate commission costs. 

Timeshares By Owner's trained marketing specialists are waiting to help anxious owners begin the process of renting their properties. Contact Timeshares By Owner at info@timesharesbyowner.com or visit us on the web at http://www.timesharesbyowner.com to learn the more about its services and benefits.

Timeshares By Owner

Timeshares By Owner is dedicated to helping timeshare owners rent their timeshares and to helping vacationers find their perfect vacations! For more information on Advertising Platforms for motivated sellers and renters, contact Timeshares By Owner at 888.707.8463, or email us at

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