Notification from significant shareholder, being member of the Supervisory Board, on transactions on shares in Arctic Paper SA

| Source: Arctic Paper AB
The Management Board of Arctic Paper S.A. (“Company”) hereby notifies that on
December 20, 2013, the Company has received the notification from Mr. Thomas
Onstad, member of the Company’s Supervisory Board, being indirectly the
shareholder of the Company (through the Swedish law companies – Nemus Holding AB
with its registered office in Göteborg, Sweden, and Trebruk AB with its
registered office in Göteborg, Sweden), notification on transactions on shares
in the Company.

The notification constitutes the appendix to this current report.
For additional information, please contact:

Wolfgang Luebbert, Acting CEO, tel. +49 40 51485310

This information is disclosed pursuant to art. 70 and art. 70a of the Offering
Act and art. 160 section 4 of the Act on Trading, and was submitted for
publication on 21 December 2013 at 10:30 am CET, in reference to Arctic Paper’s
current report no. 45/2013 filed with the Warsaw Stock Exchange.