Olie Adds to 2014 Action Plan by Rolling Up Audited Pink Sheet & OTCQB Issuers

| Source: Olie, Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Olie Inc. (OTCQB:OLIE) (Olie) President, Robert Gardner, announces an emphasis in its 2014 Action Plan. In summary:

1) Olie purchases aged non-affiliate debt;

2) provides corporate advisory services, including corporate restructuring of client issuers;

3) consolidates compounding derivative liabilities;

4) issues stock dividends subject to FINRA approval;

5) retains PCAOB accounting firms to complete audits on pink sheet companies;

And now:

6) Olie will seek to acquire the issuers & their shareholder base as wholly owned subsidiaries, in exchange for anti-dilutive convertible preferred stock and management appointments within Olie. 

Robert Gardner, President of Olie states, "The inherent value to the shareholders of Olie is that the shareholder base expands demonstrably as new companies are acquired. These companies will be audited, with low debt to equity ratios, and cash and/or assets on their own balance sheets. Olie's accounting team in conjunction with its auditors will file Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements. In this manner we plan to accelerate net stockholders' equity."

William White, CEO of Hi Score Corporation, (OTC PINK:HSCO) a planned subsidiary of Olie states, "We believe that domestic Pink Sheet companies need to become SEC filers; the inherent problem for many small companies is they don't have enough money to run their companies, pay for audits & properly disclose. The opportunity to join something larger than ourselves like Olie and retain ownership, without continuing large overhead costs of remaining a fully reporting issuer, is extremely attractive. The Pink Sheets, private companies or OTCQB issuers that become wholly owned subsidiaries, continue to own their own assets exclusively, because each company is acquired with its own class of convertible preferred stock. This opens the door for subsidiaries to acquire their own value & equity, using subsets of just their class of convertible preferred stock, without incurring the costs of consolidating the value on separate financial statements."

Safe Harbor Statement:

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