Adapt IP Ventures Retained to Sell Automotive Patent Portfolio

| Source: Adapt IP Ventures, LLC

ATLANTA, Dec. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adapt IP Ventures was retained to sell a patent portfolio related to numerous automotive safety technologies. Categories include object sensing for collision avoidance, passenger sensing for airbag deployment, tire pressure monitoring and other communications technologies. Our client is seeking a company to acquire the patent portfolio that can maximize the value of this unique asset.

Interested companies will be provided 30 days to review the offering and prepare an offer for the patent portfolio. Further information including encumbrances will be provided after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

"The timing for taking this patent portfolio to market has never been better as vehicles routinely come equipped with critical safety features, many of which are similar to our client's patents," stated Grant Moss, Founder & President at Adapt IP Ventures. "Based on the recent activity we have seen in acquiring patents in the automotive space, we are confident that the market will see significant value in these assets."

A representative sample of U.S. patents is below:

US 5714927    Method of improving zone of coverage response of automotive radar 
US 5999871    Control method for variable level airbag inflation 
US 6012007    Occupant detection method and apparatus for air bag system 
US 5732375    Method of inhibiting or allowing airbag deployment 
US 5801619    Analog signal processing system and decision logic for controlling airbag deployment 
US 6175299    Analog signal processing system for determining airbag deployment 
US 6219606    Restraint deployment control method having a delayed adaptable deployment threshold 
US 6151540    Dynamic occupant position detection system and method for a motor vehicle 
US 6369703    Tire pressure monitor and location identification system 
US 6434486    Technique for limiting the range of an object sensing system in a vehicle 
US 5954775    Dual rate communication protocol 
US 7178139    Executable file system for an embedded computer 
US 6775601    Method and control system for controlling propulsion in a hybrid vehicle

Over 500 patent references cite this patent portfolio including Ford, Lear, American Vehicular Sciences, Siemens VDO Automotive, TRW, General Motors, Robert Bosch, Denso, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Boeing and Bridgestone.

Companies interested in receiving information on this patent portfolio are encouraged to contact Adapt IP Ventures.

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